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Brown C. News Release - Brown announces tax boycott.; 1987.
Several departments were contributing to the exclusion, injury and killing of persons with sensitivities. How does one get them to stop?
PDF icon taxboycottnewsreleaseonhuntingtonsletter1987ocr.pdf (42.38 KB)
Brown C. News Release - Epp's office not honest.; 1987.
The problem with appealing to the media is that journalists had(ve) incredibly ignorant and hateful attitudes.
PDF icon newsreleasebigotryineppsoffice1987ocr.pdf (38.29 KB)
Brown C, Brooks L. News releases, letter to editor, HEF Conference.; 1987.
Same and other newser materials for HEF Conference.
PDF icon newsreleasandattachmentsconf1987ocr.pdf (56.96 KB)
Brown C. notes on Barry Zimmerman's 15 Nov 1985 article.; 1987.PDF icon notesonzzimmermanandhis1987.pdf (72.13 KB)
Lawson E. Office of Agriculture Minister John Wise acknowledges receipt.; 1987.
While Wise was being approached about the disabling of Canadians by pesticides, his staff simply dismissed or buried all approaches.
PDF icon johnwiseofficeacknowledgesreceipt1987ocr.pdf (19.25 KB)
Ontario Medical Association Committee on Public Health. OMA Committee on Public Health recommendations. Toronto; 1987.
By a vote, the OMA Committee on Public Health eclipses hundreds of years of medical literature, clinical practise, institutional accommodation and family experience in their determination to prove the danger and flakiness of clinical ecology's description. Persons with sensitivities were caught in between two groups in medicine. At the same time, the committee supports recognition of socio-economic needs.
PDF icon omatwopoints1987ocr.pdf (44.17 KB)
Bradley J. Ontario Environment Minister Bradley addresses HEF Conference.; 1987.
James Bradley, Alvin Curling and other cabinet ministers were willing to help persons with environmental sensitivities, even as the Ontario Ministry of Health was ensuring that they would be killed.
PDF icon bradleyaddressesphysiciansconfpageone1987ocr.pdf (23.64 KB)
Gibbons VA. Ontario Ministry of Health DM grossly misrepresents Thomson's findings.; 1987.PDF icon ontDMheatllhvalerygibbonssummarizesthomson1987ocr.pdf (43.84 KB)
Cameron R. Ontario MoE Robert Cameron on Ridgeview Estates.; 1987.
The Ontario Ministry of the Environment is responsible for regulating pesticide usage.
PDF icon MoEcameronpesticides1987ocr.pdf (30.88 KB)
Brown C. Other Departments break with Health and Welfare to support conference.; 1987.
While astonishing bigots at Health and Welfare were ensuring that persons with sensitivities were killed in health care, other departments were helping persons with sensitivities organize and assert their rights.
PDF icon newsreleaseotherdepartmentsbreakwithHWCtosupportconference1987ocr.pdf (42.53 KB)
Ehman A. Pollution triggers suffering for many, conference told.. 1987.
Journalist tells sensible version of "modern chemicals" part of the story.
PDF icon clippingcitizenconf1987ocr.pdf (76.55 KB)
Freeborn L. Prime Minister's Office acknowledges correspondence.; 1987.
Mulroney's office expressed great concern. Action began once Perrin Beatty was appointed Minister of Health.
PDF icon PMOacknowledgescorrespondence1987ocr.pdf (14.73 KB)
McLaughlin A. Public health nurse Audrey McLaughlin comments on lame duck HWC Epp. Ottawa; 1987.
The issues, even when watered down to take the edge off, were threatening to most MP's, except for a couple of dozen federal MP's in the late 1980's.
PDF icon audreymclaughlinpredictseppsdemise1987ocr.pdf (28.8 KB)
Bird I. Public Paranoid about Chemicals.. 1987.
Typical of chemical industry hate literature. (Hate literature is material that encourages crimes against a group, which this article certainly does.)
PDF icon forestscene1987ocr.pdf (206.23 KB)
Boileau J. Quotes from Jean Boileau, security, HWC.; 1987.
Some people see their jobs as protecting public servants and politicians so they can kill children and other vulnerable persons in peace.
PDF icon quotesofjeanboileau1987ocr.pdf (53.5 KB)
various. Quotes from public servants and political assistants.; 1987.PDF icon quotestext1987ocr.pdf (55.2 KB)
Brown C. Release - HEF Second Annual Conference.; 1987.
Conference organized by team assembled by Lynda Brooks, National Pres of HEF. First time consumer group received federal funding (from SecState/disability and Environment) News Release emphasizes sources of federal funding, to add legitimacy and to pressure Health and Welfare.
PDF icon newsreleaseHEFconference1987ocr.pdf (38.67 KB)
Brown C. The smallest news release in Canadian history..; 1987.PDF icon tinynewsrelease27jan1987ocr.pdf (20.32 KB)
Somers E. Somers characterizes, misrepresents. Ottawa; 1987.
Zommerman characterized as making few positive recommendations, but few positives that Zimmerman made are violated by tone and specifics of this memo. Responsibilities for pharmaceuticals missing, duty of care to children and other vulnerable persons missing. Does acknowledge and recommend action in several areas.
PDF icon somers1987fe3ocr.pdf (51.35 KB)
McMillan T. Speech by Tom McMillan, Environment Minister, on environmental health.; 1987.
"In Canada, the Departments of Environment and Health were organized at a time when the two policy areas were seen to be much more discrete than we now know them to be. Although the departments are making real efforts to cooperate in areas of common concern, artificial barriers preclude the kind of genuinely interdisciplinary approaches that the problems in the real world demand."
PDF icon tommcmillanspeechonenviromentandhealth1987ocr.pdf (91.99 KB)
Hildebrand E. Steinbach radio station owner says Health and Welfare is "trying hard to do the right thing.".; 1987.
Hildebrand demonstrates the quality of home town journalism!
PDF icon steinbachradiostation1987ocr.pdf (32.16 KB)
Brown C. Tiniest News Release in History.; 1987.
Vent concerning lack of action at federal level.
PDF icon tinynewsreleasesuicides1987.pdf (23.71 KB)
Brown C. Tiny Appeal to MP's.; 1987.
This note had more responses from MP's than any previous. It was my first after six months working on other issues (apartheid and international development).
PDF icon tinyMPappeal1987ocr.pdf (15.98 KB)
Crosby B. Toronto Star letter to editor concerning hateful Dr. Seiden article.. 1987.
Journalists made a sport of peoples' rights, health and security, mostly by hanging controversy about the approaches of doctors of environmental medicine on the noses of people who have a long-known health problem.
PDF icon clippingtorstar16mar1987ocr.pdf (31.99 KB)
Cousineau R. Treasury Board misrepresents Thomson, yet agrees to accommodate. Brown C, editor. Ottawa: Treasury Board; 1987.
Treasury Board lawyer Cousineau seems to acknowledge the need for workplace accommodation. In fact his promise was born out in several subsequent employee enquiries for a couple of years after he wrote. However, not only does the Chief Legal Counsel misspell Thomson's name, he also misrepresents Thomson's findings concerning the existence of a (legally obligating) method of diagnosis. More than 150,000 Canadians with sensitivities have been unnecessarily killed, since.
PDF icon cousineau.PDF (42.01 KB)
Vezina M. Vezina on damages caused by public servants violating departmental policy.; 1987.
During this period, Ministers were saying they were sympathetic while public servants were advocating the violation of peoples' legal rights. There was a marked contrast between the belligerence of most pubic service managers and the concern and awareness expressed at the Ministerial level in several departments.
PDF icon vezinarespondstoquestionsaboutlegalresponsibilityofpublicservants1987ocr.pdf (31.29 KB)
Wilson M. Wilson to Brown on tax boycott, human rights and compensation. Ottawa; 1987.
Wilson supported the issues indirectly for a couple of years before granting related medical tax breaks.
PDF icon wilsontobrownontaxboycott1987ocr.pdf (35.35 KB)
Cullen M. A worker with multiple chemical sensitivities.. 1987.
How to recognize and deal with worker with sensitivities.
PDF icon cullenarticleworkers1987ocr.pdf (1010.54 KB)
Seiden H. You can twist scientific facts to support outrageous theory.. 1987.
People debated pretty much everything except our actual history, rights, reality.
PDF icon clippingtorstarhowardseidenoutrageous1987ocr.pdf (79.71 KB)
Caccia C. 1988.; 1988.PDF icon hansardcaccia21sept1988ocr.pdf (61.14 KB)
Mason B. Almaguin North Action Group writes Health Minister Jake Epp.; 1988.
ANAG was one of many groups approaching Health and Welfare about the needs of persons with environmental sensitivities.
PDF icon masonwritesepp1988ocr.pdf (49.33 KB)
Lackey E. Anglican Archbishop Lackey says he will look into concern.; 1988.
By 1998, I was at the end of my rope. Civil health authorities were making statements they knew and were documented as being shown were false. Patients were being hurt and killed. If consumers tried to stop the arbitrary injury and killing they encountered deceits, unprofessional and unethical conduct. Children continued to be injured and killed.
PDF icon anglicanbishoplackeysayshewilllookingo1988ocr.pdf (32.23 KB)
Walkinshaw D. Anglican Doug Walkinshaw advises church on indoor air health concerns.; 1988.
I had appealed to churches for help. Indoor air expert Walkinshaw was helpful on indoor air quality issues, but professed no expertise concerning the preventable abuse and killing of persons with sensitivities by physicians, or possible government intervention to reduce it.
PDF icon anglicansresponsewalkinshaw1988ocr.pdf (98.87 KB)
Blacks win tax deductions through Alan Redway MP, Finance Minister Michael Wilson.; 1988.
Wilson's support brought even more horizontal policy influence to bear on Health and Welfare.
PDF icon blackswintaxdeductionswilsonoutlines.pdf (183.23 KB)
Laurin M. Books in AGES library (1988). Advocacy Group for the Environmentally Sensitive; 1988.
Sources of information concerning sensitivities were limited. AGES tried to provide information so that people with sensitivities could shop around.
PDF icon AGESresourcelist1988ocr.pdf (34.23 KB)
Brown C. Brown announces provincial tax boycott to Ontario Revenue Minister Bernard Grandmaitre.; 1988.
Brown accuses some Peterson government public servants of breaking their social contract by ignoring officially identified, serious, ongoing abuse, including the abuse of vulnerable persons to whom they had a legal duty of care.
PDF icon brownannouncestaxboycotttoontarioministergrandmaitre1988ocr.pdf (61.77 KB)
Brown C. Brown appeals to local churches.; 1988.
Expression of concern about the issues, request for financial and other assistance, to Ottawa area churches. Made when I realized I was running out of money for my rent, because I was intent on achievement during the summer of 1988, before the current government was gone. I didn't think they were going to get re-elected.
PDF icon brownappealtochurches1988ocr.pdf (130.28 KB)
Brown C. Brown backgrounder celebrates movement forward (1988), but where is Health and Welfare?.; 1988.
Framing of issues in last throws of Mulroney's first government. Many federal departments and agencies had moved forward, but what about Health and Welfare?
PDF icon brownsummaryofissuesjune1988ocr.pdf (99.59 KB)
Brown C. Brown confides to Global's Doug Small (big mistake!!!).; 1988.
If you pour your heart out, be prepared to have it stomped on.
PDF icon brownconfidestoGlobaldougsmallmistake1988ocr.pdf (107.45 KB)
Brown invited to Parliamentary Committee. Ottawa; 1988.
Invitation was proposed by NDP MP Margaret Mitchell, supported by Copps and Halliday.
PDF icon browninvitedtoparliamentarycommittee1988ocr.pdf (33.21 KB)
Brown C. Brown is fed up and wants and end to HWC lethally sabotaging thousands of Canadians ATIP copy.; 1988.
It was annoying to have to deal with unidentifiable saboteurs within the national health department, especially when set against a familiarity with the consequences.
PDF icon browntolawfromHWCfiles1988ocr.pdf (50.9 KB)
Brown C. Brown reinforces his intentions to PCO Andy Stark concerning federal tax boycott.; 1988.
Brown expresses position that if government is ignoring it's responsibilities in situations where individual public servants had a legislated duty of care, where it is causing injuries and deaths, that government has broken its social contract.
PDF icon brownsummaryofissuesjune1988ocr.pdf (99.59 KB)PDF icon brownunderlinesreasonsfortaxboycotttoPCO1988ocr.pdf (26.82 KB)
CCOC. Brown runs out of rent money.; 1988.
As it became apparent that an election was approaching, it seemed urgent to make sure that efforts from 1985 bore fruit. It was not until June 1988 that Epp wrote unequivocally in support of persons with sensitivities without backpaddling. It seemed important to have action on some of the logical consequences of that acknowledgement before Parliament dissolved.
PDF icon brownrunsoutofrentmoney1988ocr.pdf (48.34 KB)
Brown C. Brown thanks Trinity United Church.; 1988.
Brown thanks Trinity United Church for donation.
PDF icon brownthankstrinityunited1988ocr.pdf (64.89 KB)
Kingsley B. Brown to CBC Bruce Kingsley re being told I might have to choose between my rights and a relationship with CBC.; 1988.
On the phone, Kingsley had said that I might have to choose between asserting the rights of persons with sensitivities and having a good relationship with CBC.
PDF icon browntocbckingsleyabouthumanrightscost.pdf (26.79 KB)
Brown C. Brown to CBC Juneau about CBC journalism and communication with CBC management.; 1988.
CBC journalists were passing on unsubstantiated damaging opinion, and refusing to report information that would completely refute damaging statements made. They embraced a practise of giving credence to positions that subjected people to a reverse onus. Eventually, I met with Bill Morgan. CBC journalists continue to invisibilize persons with sensitivities in relevant stories, and they continue to trivialize the numbers of people seriously affected, and the consequences.
PDF icon browntoCBCjuneau1988ocr.pdf (27 KB)
Brown C. Brown to CHRC Chief Commissioner Max Yalden about Health Minister Jake Epp.; 1988.
One is less persuasive when condemning otherwise respected persons for the unethical nature of their conduct in one area. So it hurts the argument. It is also less accurate, and accuracy is usually more useful in discussion. It was what Epp was doing and not doing that was unethical, not his overall person. It might have been better to avoid becoming fed up with his person, but to wait seemed irresponsible and dangerous. There was intense loyalty to Jake Epp, from the institutions in his community, from the people in his office, from cabinet colleagues, from public servants. However, after four years in office, he was still eclipsing the history of persons with sensitivities behind debate about the approaches of doctors of environmental medicine, as proscribed by Thomson and Zimmerman. His office and his officials were still accepting unethically held, damaging positions as credible in the debate. The department was still ignoring life and death areas where it had and has a legal duty of care. The arguments were ethical ones, legal rather bleeding heart. They were the reverse onus, long clinical history, existing method of diagnosis, human rights, institutional and consumer experience arguments. Ignoring them was unethical, in some situations illegal, and the consequences were horrific. Many honourable people betrayed persons with sensitivities.
PDF icon browntoyaldenaboutHWCeppsinconsistenciesandsuggestsspecificactions1988ocr.pdf (308.63 KB)
Brown C. Brown to CMA Doug Geekie about Donna Stewart's CMAJ article (written Christmas Day, 1988).; 1988.
Hate literature is published writing that encourages the commission of crimes against the group, in this case at least s.216 homicides and s.217.1 injuries, let alone other forms of negligence where there is duty of care. Stewart's work promotes an approach that will plough under persons with undiagnosed "cerebral allergies," which, contrary to the assertions of many abusers, are long reported and well documented psychological sequelae of sensitivities.
PDF icon browntogeekieonStewartCMAJ1988ocr.pdf (345.88 KB)
Brown C. Brown to HWC DM Maureen Law after Global TV report about health committee testimony.; 1988.
Global TV (Kathy Lynas) reported that Health and Welfare Canada (HWC) officials had stated that organized medicine was sceptical about sensitivities. This copy was obtained from HWC files by an ATIP request. The fact of HWC officials causing damages by making such statements, even when they had been challenged on them by the Canadian Medical Association, was in fact the title of the paper presented to the Parliamentary health committee, the presentation Lynas was covering when she got her unattributed quote from HWC.
PDF icon browntoHWClawDMcopyATIP1988ocr.pdf (40.47 KB)
Brown C. Brown to HWC Maureen Law about HWC official's comments to Global TV.; 1988.
When Global checked with Health and Welfare, they reported being told damaging positions by anonymous officials. First of two letters to DM Maureen Law on subject.
PDF icon browntoHWClawaboutHWCundermininglegitimacyofsensitivities1988ocr.pdf (42.15 KB)