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Huntington V. Finance Vickie Huntington to Brown. Ottawa; 1987.
I sympathize. Your crusade ;s long and arduous. But please, Mr. Brown. I care not to be an inquisitor.
PDF icon huntingtonarduous1987ocr.pdf (13.62 KB)
May E. First federal money to persons with sensitivities. Ottawa: Supply and Services Canada; 1987.
Environment (McMillan) and SecState for Disabilities (Crombie) were first Ministers offices to publicly support, with money, Canadians with environmental sensitivities. Gary Gurbin, Merron Proctor, Elizabeth May and Nancy Lewand were some of the reasons.
PDF icon firstfederalmoneytoHEF1987ocr.pdf (24.97 KB)
Clayton AJ. Former LCDC director with 20 years experience, dealing with HIV, claims never to have heard of sensitivities!.; 1987.
Twenty years in civil health, was head of LCDC, deals with HIV, never encountered sensitivities? Where does Health and Welfare find these people?
PDF icon HWCAJClaytonclaimstohaveneverheardofsensitivities1987ocr.pdf (28.85 KB)
various. Foundation rejection letters. various; 1987.
I first tried to get funding from, and then offered ccns services similar to what I was doing for Oxfam and IDAFSA.
PDF icon morefoundationrejects1987ocr.pdf (37.24 KB)
Brown C. Four Federal Departments Break with Health Canada.; 1987.
Several departments were willing to pressure Health and Welfare to act on concerns facing persons with sensitivities. Jake Epp (helped greatly by his staff and bigots in the department) continued to invisibilize the issues through equivocation. The health department was hostile until after Perrin Beatty became health minister, and was approached by Bruce Halliday, MP, a former Ontario family physician of the year.
PDF icon newsreleasecbonHEFconference1987icr.pdf (50.16 KB)
Dyer T. Fresh Air BRICK Toronto Star page 5, 500,000 readers!. 1987.
Fresh Air BRICK publicity published for 2,000,000 readers in Canada, electronic requests from Hawaii to Bitburg, Germany.
PDF icon FABtorstar1987ocr.pdf (154.36 KB)
Morrison H. Health and Welfare receives stats on anaphylactic deaths.; 1987.
John Davies asked for stats as part of ammunition to fight internal battles with abusers at Health and Welfare.
PDF icon coronersresponsedeathsfromanaphalacticshock1987ocr.pdf (11.7 KB)
Small B, Priesnitz W, Small B. Healthy Environments for Canadians. Ottawa: Health and Welfare Canada; 1987.
Excellent overview, discussion paper, for consideration of environmental health issues, including natural, social, attitudinal environments.
PDF icon healthyenvironmentsforcanadians1987ocr.pdf (19.99 MB)PDF icon healthyenvironmentsbibliographyonly1987ocr.pdf (11.68 MB)
Brown C, Brooks L. HEF News release about 1987 conference.; 1987.
Lynda Brooks assembled a great team and a great conference!
PDF icon newsreleaseHEFconferencea1987ocr.pdf (32.01 KB)
Human Ecology Foundation. HEF Quarterly. Winnipeg: Human Ecology Foundation; 1987.
Newsletter shows relationship of self help group of persons with sensitivities and doctors of environmental medicine, as led by John G. Maclennan, of Dundas, Ontario.
PDF icon quarterlydec1987ocr.pdf (1.68 MB)
Brooks L. Human Ecology Conference . Ottawa: Human Ecology Foundation; 1987.PDF icon HEFconferenceposter1987ocr.pdf (23.73 KB)
Brooks L. Human Ecology Conference.; 1987.
Poster for second annual conference of HEF.
PDF icon HEFconfposter1987ocr.pdf (19.95 KB)
HWC Briefing to Deputy Minister concerning Chris Brown (first page only). Ottawa; 1987.
This memo misrepresents Thomson in the usual ways. (Second page is around here somewhere.)
PDF icon HWCbriefingnotesFIRSTPAGE1987ocr.pdf (58.25 KB)
Davies J. HWC Chronic Disease Epidemiologist John Davies has sensitivities, introduces long history. Ottawa; 1987.
This letter started a process by which I could confront Epp on the fact that he was not only misrepresenting the CMA, but also his own department's file manager on the subject. Davies had a long involvement, until he left the department in 1992 or 93. At one point he described HWC's decisions as "irresponsible and dangerous."
PDF icon davieshassensitivities1987ocr.pdf (397.14 KB)
unknown. HWC contact on mold sensitivities and Cystic Fibrosis.; 1987.
many people are interested in the role sensitivities play in aggravating various illnesses and causing various symptoms.
PDF icon viijayonmouldsensitivity1987ocr.pdf (55.38 KB)
Canada Post. HWC DM Maureen Law receives registered letter.; 1987.PDF icon maureenlawreceivesregistered1987.pdf (259.44 KB)
Law M. HWC DM Maureen Law to Min Jake Epp about Brown. Ottawa; 1987.
Glossy image of HWC conduct, position, ignores ongoing exclusion, injury and killing of persons with sensitivities, lifts statements out of context, ignores ongoing serious preventable harm.
PDF icon lawtoeppmemo1987jan16ocr.pdf (52.35 KB)
Corneil W. HWC employee assistance ignores role of sensitivities in addictions.; 1987.
Corneil turned a blind eye to his department's invisibilization of the role of sensitivities in addiction, even as people he knew in the community were being caused harm.
PDF icon HWCemployeeaddictionsdenyconnection1987ocr.pdf (14.35 KB)
Wood G. HWC Environmental Sensitivities overview - Grace Wood. Ottawa; 1987.
HPB says Thomson and Zimmerman point out that there was no doubt that some people were sick because of sensitivities. Hundreds of years of history and clinical exerience are ignored. On the period of consideration of the ideas of doctors of environmental medicine is acknowledged. A much longer history is invisibilized.
PDF icon HWCgracewood1987ocr.pdf (57.98 KB)
Wood G. HWC Grace Wood outlines issues, ignores injuries and deaths and HWC's contribution (rough copy).; 1987.
Grace Wood, HPB, outlines history, leaving out actual issues raised.
PDF icon HWCgracewoodrough1987ocr.pdf (48.47 KB)
Davies J. HWC HPB John Davies, HWC chronic disease epidemiologist has sensitivities.; 1987.
Davies was extremely helpful from 1988 until the 1993 election. Unfortunately, his departure from the department coincided with several other changes that resulted in a very abusive shift in policy.
PDF icon HWCjohndaiveshassensitivities1987ocr.pdf (32.01 KB)
Epp J. HWC Jake Epp to MP Geoff Scott. Ottawa; 1987.PDF icon epptogeoffscott1987ocr.pdf (22.06 KB)
Hopkins J. HWC Janice Hopkins identifies federal responsibilities, calls for action. Ottawa; 1987.
Hopkins identifies federal responsibilities named in Thomson and Zimmerman reports, including pharmaceuticals.
PDF icon HWChopkinsdrugs1987ocr.pdf (61.43 KB)
Somers E. HWC Somers to Liston HPB. Ottawa; 1987.
Somers writes that no changes have been made under OHIP, while leaving out the fact that, as Thomson's panel identified, OHIP already insured a method of diagnosis! She ignores the fact that Thomson's panel looked into hypersensitivity "disorders" (note plural). She ignores the history of sensitivities as known to Davies and others in Health and Welfare. She is conforming to the artificial debate abusers use when subjecting persons with sensitivities to a reverse onus, excluding, injuring or killing them.
PDF icon somersaboutbrooksrequestformeeting1987ocr.pdf (47.58 KB)
McKnight B. INAC Bill McKnight sends regrets re HEF Conference.; 1987.
All of cabinet was invited, but late. They were also informed of positive involvement of Environment Canada and Secretary of State for Disabled Persons.
PDF icon mcknightregretsHEFconf1987ocr.pdf (17.08 KB)
Vernail J. Inquiry about fresh Air Brick from Bitburg Germany. Bitburg, Germany; 1987.
In 1986, only two Canadian media outlets responded to the concern that persons with sensitivities were finding their situations made impossible by attitudes, and committing suicide on a regular basis. In late 1986/87, the Fresh Air Brick brought dozens of inquiries from across the Canada and from Hawaii to Bitburg, Germany.
PDF icon bitburgGermanyUSAFradio1987ocr.pdf (33.59 KB)
Issues Brief, 1987. Ottawa; 1987.
Backgrounder, issues overview.
PDF icon issuesbrief1987ocr.pdf (218.09 KB)
Allan J. Labour Department refers concern to AJ Liston, HPB, HWC.; 1987.
Labour Minister Pierre Cadieux's advisor refers concern to head of HPB, AJ Liston
PDF icon departmentoflabourreferstoliston1987ocr.pdf (20.26 KB)
MacQueen K. Laws on Pesticides dangerously flawed.. 1987.
Many problems.
PDF icon clippingcitizenpesticidelawsflawed1987ocr.pdf (66.88 KB)
Mitchell M. Margaret Mitchell, MP, was first to invite sensitivities reps to Parliamentary Health Committee.; 1987.
Mitchell was among several MP's of all three parties who expressed concern about preventable harm being caused to persons with sensitivities. She helped after I had a chance conversation with Pauline Jewett. Unfortunately, at the time (and since) most NDP assistants and members, including my own member Michael Cassidy, were unable to differentiate between controversy about the theories of doctors of environmental medicine as distinct from the centuries-long history of persons with sensitivities. Well intentioned political assistants would bone up on our situation as described by doctors of environmental medicine and then charge forward on a mission that ignored warnings in government reports, invisibilized the group who had approached them, and moved the issues backwards!
PDF icon mitchellaskshallidaytohearfromsensitive1987ocr.pdf (47.82 KB)
Brown C. Media project done for IDAFSA(Canada).; 1987.PDF icon IDAFSAmediaproject1987ocr.pdf (804.99 KB)
Cassidy M. Michael Cassidy helps move the issues backwards. Ottawa; 1987.
Cassidy seems to ignore the fact that the Thomson report identified an existing, publicly insured method of diagnosing this problem he wants recognized, confuses recognition with receiving protections that are normally available to the public, which is what consumers were actually asking for.
PDF icon cassidypointlesssabotagesasksforcompensation.pdf (47.12 KB)
Cameron R. Min of Env, Robert Cameron on pesticides.; 1987.
The Ministry of the Environment initiated communitybased process in Kinburn, Ontario, to monitor and consider alternatives to weed control chemicals in a neighborhood where several environmentally sensitive people had moved to escape city pollution. By this time, the Hon Jim Bradley, Minister of the Environment, had stated: "Environmentally sensitive people are the first to feel the effects of low level contaminants in the environment". (faint, hard to read)
PDF icon MoEcameronpesticides1987ocr.pdf (30.88 KB)
Mosher K. Minister Crosbie's staff refer concern to Justice Canada.; 1987.
Is the killing of persons with sensitivities in health care a medical issue, or a criminal one?
PDF icon crosbiesstaffrefertohnatyshynconcerninghumanrights1987ocr.pdf (21.89 KB)
Andre H. Minister Harvie Andre says FAB to be checked for false advertising.; 1987.
Ministerial assistants will engage, endlessly, in silliness, while ignoring public servants' contribution to the slaughter of children and other vulnerable persons.
PDF icon FABtobecheckedformarketingpractices1987ocr.pdf (20.66 KB)
Cote M. Minister Michel Cote offers sympathy.; 1987.
All cabinet ministers were approached several times in writing. Sometimes they picked up the issue, usually they simply referred it to Health and Welfare.
PDF icon michelcoteSupplyandServicesMinreferstoepp1987.pdf (28.66 KB)
Vezina M. Minister Vezina answers questions about public servants' legal responsibilities.; 1987.PDF icon vezinarespondstoquestionsaboutlegalresponsibilityofpublicservants1987ocr.pdf (31.29 KB)
Gibbons VA. Ministry of Health acknowledges existing publicly insured services. Toronto: Ontario Ministry of Health; 1987.
The Ministry of Health maintained a schizophrenic position from 1985 on. Although the Thomson report identified and recommended continued public funding for an existing method of diagnosis, some MoH officials would defend criminal negligence on the basis that the report had said there was not a method of diagnosis. Of course, over the years, MoH officials revealed many internal inconsistencies, sometimes rescuing individuals, sometimes condemning patient populations to their deaths. Gibbons letter is in reply to a request, a resolution passed after being moved from the 1987 HEF Conference floor, that the Ontario Ministry of Health implement any 6 of Thomson's thirty recommendations.
PDF icon MOHgibbonsrespondstorequeststoimplementthomsonrecommendations1987ocr.pdf (51.15 KB)
Redway A. MP Alan Redway makes inquiry to health minister Epp.; 1987.
Redway not only pressured Epp, but he also pressed (and won from) Wilson for tax deductions for medical expenses related to sensitivities, and he initiated research at CMHC into residential accommodation of persons with sensitivities.
PDF icon redwaywritesepp1987OCR.pdf (21.43 KB)
Turner B. MP Barry Turner refers issue to Epp, promises to talk it up.; 1987.
There were dozens of respectable, caring MP's when Mulroney was Prime Minister. I did not find ONE under Chretien, Martin or Harper. The House of Commons is now full of bullies, cowards and creeps. Back then, there were MP's who acted honourably.
PDF icon MPbarryturner1987ocr.pdf (32.72 KB)
Dingwall D. MP David Dingwall .; 1987.PDF icon dingwallasMP1987ocr.pdf (20.21 KB)
Kilgour D. MP David Kilgour forwards concern to health minister Jake Epp.; 1987.
Kilgour pressed Epp and subsequent health ministers for protections.
PDF icon davidkilgourrecommendsissuetoepp1987ocr.pdf (25.73 KB)
Scott G. MP Geoff Scott writes HWC Jake Epp about constituent with sensitivities.; 1987.
With an estimated prevalence of 15%, many MP's were hearing from persons with sensitivities who were experiencing abuse in health care.
PDF icon geoffscotttoeppconcerningconstituent1987ocr.pdf (26.66 KB)
Nunziata J. MP John Nunziata expresses support.; 1987.
Many Liberals supported the protection of persons with sensitivities until Chretien was elected Prinme Minister. Then, their support vanished.
PDF icon goodwishesfromjohnnunziata1987ocr.pdf (17.93 KB)
Parry J. MP John Parry demonstrates his concern about daily killing of persons with sensitivities.; 1987.
Many MP assistants just fill out cards and mail them back to people who write them, no matter how serious the issues. It is an early version of the email auto-responder.
PDF icon johnparryMP1987ocr.pdf (20.66 KB)
Cassidy M. MP Michael Cassidy asks HWC Jake Epp for recognition.; 1987.
Cassidy was like molasses on the issue. He was my own MP, but dozens of other MP's and cabinet ministers acted before him. He never did seem to grasp the ongoing preventable harm that was being discussed. Letter undated.
PDF icon cassidytoepp1987ocr.pdf (35.67 KB)
Copps S. MP Sheila Copps cover letter for news release.; 1987.
Copps had promised to raise issue in House of Commons, had not. Later sent some good letters. Caccia eventually raised issue in HofC 21 September 1988, a few months after consumer testimony at Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health.
PDF icon coppscoverfornewsreleasefaint1987ocr.pdf (26.04 KB)
Copps S. MP Sheila Copps News Release.; 1987.
Gordon Douglas, in Sheila Copps office, helped forward the concern. Copps wrote Epp several times, raised issues in committee, said at Parliamentary Health Committee (1988) that some buildings in Parliament affect her.
PDF icon coppsnewsreleasenightbeforechristmasbreak1987ocr.pdf (26.12 KB)
Patten R. MPP Richard Patten mentions (accruing) damages. Ottawa; 1987.PDF icon pattenrichardmentionsaccruingdamages1987ocr.pdf (27.51 KB)
Reville D. NDP MPP David Reville asks Brown what to do.; 1987.
Elie Martel had helped for years. David Reville understood the attitudes facing psych patients whose problems are caused or exacerbated by sensitivities. Unfortunately, he was not a member during the Bob Rae government.
PDF icon revilleasksbrownwhattodo1987ocr.pdf (33.39 KB)