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Fresh Air Brick publicity stuff.; 1986.
Various publicity materials, response to Fresh Air Brick.
PDF icon FABpublicitymaterials86ocr.pdf (146.23 KB)
Gigantes E. Gigantes to Brown. Toronto; 1986.
Gigantes expresses personal sympathy wile ignoring ongoing preventable harm being caused by government.
PDF icon gigantestobrown1986ocr.pdf (36.05 KB)
Gigantes E. Gigantes to Elston. Toronto; 1986.
Evelyn Gigantes writes to health minister, fails to mention key support from Thomson report, portrays sensitivities as a new issue.
PDF icon gigantestoelston1986ocr.pdf (50.72 KB)
Henderson H. Hazel Henderson's Three Zones of Transition .. 1986.
Crumbling elements. Changing paradigms.
PDF icon paradigms86ocr.pdf (33.69 KB)
Health and Welfare memo ignores main issues. Ottawa; 1986.
Health Protection Branch summarizes concern by leaving out all the serious issues. The issue of reverse onus is ignored, as is hundreds of years of history of persons with sensitivities. In their place is a debate about the Johnny-come-lately disease model subgroup described by doctors of environmental medicine. The memo demonstrates the main stereotypes and misconceptions facing persons with sensitivities at the federal level in 1986.
PDF icon hpb86ocr.pdf (62.2 KB)
Epp J. Health Minister Epp to Brown claiming CMA is sceptical.; 1986.
Last page only. The CMA eventually made it clear that they were not sceptical about sensitivities but health officials continued to confuse scepticism about proposed disease descriptions and treatments, not about the existence and experience of environmental sensitivities.
PDF icon epptobrownsayscmascepticalpagetwoonly1986.pdf (19.53 KB)
HEF Canada Quarterly. Human Ecology Foundation; 1986.
Tips, tricks, support, and the whacko medical explanations of Dr. John Maclennan. Includes HEF Bylaws.
PDF icon hefquarterlysept86ocr.pdf (2.08 MB)
Brooks L. HEF Lynda Brooks to HWC Jake Epp for meeting. Kanata; 1986.
Letter for initial meeting between Lynda Brooks and HWC staff. I went to the meeting with Lynda. It was obvious that ADM's were dodging liability issues on the possibility that all sensitivities were caused psychologically, while no credible physician or scientist could be produced who would say so.
PDF icon brookstoepp.pdf (69.68 KB)
Salares V. HEF Salares to Ottawa members about Zimmerman appointment. Ottawa; 1986.
Salares lists objections to Zimmerman Committee appointment.
PDF icon HEFsalaresonZimmermanappointment1986ocr.pdf (57.41 KB)
Human Ecology Foundation letters patent.; 1986.
Constitution and Bylaws of Human Ecology Foundation. Have they and their branches met their annual obligations concerning charitable status?
PDF icon HEFletterspatent1986ocr.pdf (825.13 KB)
Somers E. HWC Environmental Health Directorate (first page only). Ottawa; 1986.
Somers notes HWC's April, 1986 review of Thomson report, notes chemicals often involved, misrepresents basis of Thomson report's recommendation, ignores ongoing preventable harm, unethical conduct in medicine, says Health Protection Branch should be involved.
PDF icon HWCdgEnvHealthtoListonfirstpage1986ocr.pdf (49.44 KB)
Somers E. HWC Environmental Health Directorate reviews Thomson Report. Ottawa; 1986.
Environmental Health Directorate claims to have "addressed satisfactorily" the issues, "particularly when specific problems such as indoor air quality, and exposure to tobacco smoke were involved." Author then shucks off responsibility to LCDC, where Chronic Disease Epidemiologist John Davies became file manager. ironically, Davies had sensitivities and was familiar with a long history that I had not known, and that his department was ignoring.
PDF icon HWCSomerswriteslistononthomson1986ocr.pdf (45.42 KB)
Somers E. HWC Environmental Health Somers Reviews Thomson. Ottawa; 1986.
HWC notes some action, responsibility, ignores other responsibilities, including ones where there is a legal duty of care.
PDF icon hpbmemomissingnumbersix1986ocr.pdf (49.41 KB)
Liston AJ. HWC HPB ADM AJ Liston portrays sensitivities as "relatively new" . Ottawa: Health and Welfare; 1986.
For years, the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health Protection Branch was a "Fellow" in the Chemical Institute of Canada.
PDF icon listontolyndabrookspretendssensitivitiesarenew1986ocr.pdf (28.33 KB)
Epp J. HWC Jake Epp declines to advertise Fresh Air Brick. Ottawa; 1986.
Epp did nothing to protect persons with sensitivities from exclusion, injury or unnecessary death. Worse, he declined to provide publicity for the Fresh Air Brick!
PDF icon HWCepptobrownFAB1986ocr.pdf (16.92 KB)
Epp J. HWC Jake Epp writes HEF Lynda Brooks expressing sympathy, acknowledging responsibilities, declining meeting,. Ottawa; 1986.
Epp avoids issue of abuse of patients due to attitudes (that his department was encouraging). This was the first issue that Health and Welfare addressed once they acknowledged their duty of care. Letter provides useful summary of Thomson report, as seen officially by Health and Welfare.
PDF icon HWCEpptoBrooks1986ocr.pdf (58.97 KB)
Brown C. Issues Brief - first draft. Ottawa; 1986.
First draft of issues brief done without funding. (Bricks without straw!)
PDF icon brownissuesbrief1986ocr.pdf (347.06 KB)
Epp J. Jake Epp ignores the issues. Ottawa: Health Canada; 1986.
Epp responds to letters while ignoring concerns about his officials' contribution to the ongoing injury and killing of Canadians with sensitivities in health care.
PDF icon jakerepliestoflora1986ocr.pdf (34.78 KB)
Epp J. Jake Epp in Parliamentary Guide. Ottawa; 1986.
Jake Epp's bio, as provided to Parliamentary Guide.
PDF icon eppbio86ocr.pdf (96.27 KB)
Lupton G. Jean Metcalfe is coping with her ecological illness.. 1986.
Good summary of her story, leaves out abusiveness, focusses on possibility of person managing sensitivities, respect in officialdom.
PDF icon clippingwhigstandardmetcalfemoveson1986febocr.pdf (68.54 KB)
Brown C. Judge reports doctors positions "untenable.". Ottawa; 1986.
Thomson report listed three "clearly untenable" premises, each of which has been given credibility by journalists, politicians, public servants and NGO's.
PDF icon newsreleaseagesonthomsonreport1986ocr.pdf (80.21 KB)
Krop J. Krop objects to Elston appointing Zimmerman.; 1986.
Joe Krop is understandably offended by the appointment of a committee to "review" the Thomson report, which had pointed out that the position of the Ontario Ministry of Health was "clearly untenable" and identified an existing, publicly insured method of diagnosis. The appointment of the Zimmerman committee helped obfuscate the findings of the first report, especially as they pointed to accruing liability in the health ministry.
PDF icon kropagainstzimmerman1986ocr.pdf (52.2 KB)
Krop J. Krop on deaths, suicides.; 1986.
Patients being ploughed under and suiciding, others being killed in health care, yet this physician was too afraid of hateful attitudes in medicine to speak out.
PDF icon kropinterviewsuicides.pdf (68.62 KB)
Wells S. Les briques plein air. Ottawa; 1986.
Les Briques Plein Air
PDF icon FABadFRocr.pdf (29.21 KB)
Warren P. Like Canaries in a Coal Mine.. 1986.
Crusty guys like Peter Warren and Alan Redway were picking up the issue, but still Health and Welfare was turning a blind eye to preventable deaths.
PDF icon clippingwinsundeathsnoproblem86ocr.pdf (58.98 KB)
Brown C. Margaret and Dr. John Maclennan, Environment Minister Suzanne Blais-Grenier, and Lynda Brooks, HEF.; 1986.
Dr. Maclennan was in town to receive environment award, went on cruise with Environment Minister and national self-help group President Lynda Brooks.
Image icon maclennansblaisgrenierbrooks0001.jpg (205.6 KB)
Sweeney J. MCSS Sweeney describes claims adjudication. Toronto: Ministry of Community and Social Services; 1986.
Minister is being told that claims are being adjudicated. In reality, consumers are being dealt with very differently in the field. Some benefits are granted. Other claimants are subjected to continuing, sometimes life-threatening, abuses that can only be described as hazing over periods of several years. Some are suiciding.
PDF icon sweeney1986ocr.pdf (406.42 KB)
Lee B. MD rejects Total Allergy Syndrome as invention.. 1986.
Hateful article ignores history, uses arbitrary and undefinable groupings while discrediting how concepts limited to those exclusionary groupings do not apply to the overall patient group, and does so in a way that is clearly prejudicial on the basis of a disability. More than fifty thousand persons with sensitivities have been killed by Ontario health care since this article was published.
PDF icon clippingspectatortrashes86ocr.pdf (38.69 KB)
Wilson M. Michael Wilson refers census boycott to SecState for StatsCan Monique Vezina. Ottawa: Finance Canada; 1986.
Michael Wilson referred census boycott to Vezina, later gave tax deductions for medical expenses, when asked by Alan Redway and others.
PDF icon michaelwilsononcensusboycott1986ocr.pdf (24.84 KB)
Giuffrida D. Ministry of Health David Giuffrida responds for Tyrone Turner, refers me to Stratford General. Toronto: Ministry of Health, PPAO; 1986.
When I called Stratford Hospital, Robert Cameron told me that a ward of the hospital had been given over to inpatient care of persons with sensitivities for several years after their then new hospital was deliberately overbuilt to accommodate growth. Eventually, the ward was closed.
PDF icon MoHgiuffridamentionsStratford1986ocr.pdf (30.62 KB)
Press C. Ministry pays $384 a day to keep woman with allergies in Texas clinic.. 1986.
AGES did not sabotage consumers the way HEF did constantly. Sending patients to Texas for diagnosis and detoxing reflected a part of the Ontario Ministry of Health's schizophrenia about environmental sensitivities.
PDF icon clippingmcclearyindallas86ocr.pdf (98.68 KB)
Bigenwald CA. MoH Bigenwald summarizes Zimmerman Report to ADM. Toronto; 1986.
Bigenwald ignores the reason the Thomson and Zimmerman committees had been formed, the fact that patients were being caused preventable harm because of policies that were based on premises Judge Thomson and the panel of physicians found "clearly untenable." There is a recommendation to send patients to the US for treatment, but nothing about protecting people with sensitivities within the Ontario health care system.
PDF icon bigenwaldonzimmerman86ocr.pdf (53.34 KB)
Molot J. Molot diagnosis after Thomson Report. Ottawa; 1986.
Molot better spells out the disability hook for human rights uses.
PDF icon molotdiagnosisbrown86ocr.pdf (21.68 KB)
Cooke D. NDP Health critic MPP Dave Cooke criticises Ontario Ministry of Health for focussing on wrangling between physicians instead of protecting patients..; 1986.
The NDP is good at criticizing. When they got into power, they focused on the debate about clinical ecology, eclipsing the actual history and rights of persons with sensitivities just as the Liberals had done before them!
PDF icon OntarioNDPhealthcriticonhowmedicaldebateeclipsingcitizenconcerns1990ocr.pdf (85.52 KB)
Brown C. News Release on Progress. Ottawa; 1986.
Although health and medical authorities were still acting abusively, there was enough recognition in other places to give some hope that persons with sensitivities would be protected from being killed.
PDF icon newserbrownonprogress1986ocr.pdf (28.54 KB)
Newsletter - Advocacy Group for the Environmentally Sensitive. Burlington, Ontario: Advocacy Group for the Environmentally Sensitive (AGES) (disbanded in 1990's); 1986.
It was such a joy to see a group form that was not manipulated by doctors of environmental medicine in ways that thwarted consumer interests and protections! This was our first anniversary newsletter. The group formally disbanded in the 1990's.
PDF icon agesnewsletterdec860001ocr.pdf (883.65 KB)
Gibson M. OHIP excuses failure to support, says wait for Zimmerman. Kingston: OHIP; 1986.
OHIP excuses lack of support. I was overly focussed on getting payment for tests used by doctors of environmental medicine. If I had realized it, OHIP already legitimized the issue by paying for patient interviews as diagnostic method.
PDF icon OHIPusesZimmermantodelay1986ocr.pdf (37.08 KB)
Gibson M. OHIP reasserts position of waiting for Zimmerman. Kingston: OHIP; 1986.
OHIP does not respond to concerns about Zimmerman, says to wait for report.
PDF icon OHIPgibsontobrown1986ocr.pdf (37.08 KB)
Brown C. OMA Charged with patient deaths. Ottawa: Canada Newswire; 1986.
Canada Newswire news release concerning OMA's refusal to address lethal abusiveness amongst Ontario physicians.
PDF icon CNWagesonOMA1986ocr.pdf (40.46 KB)
Campbell D. OMHF oblivious to centuries of literature and clinical experience. Toronto: Ontario Mental Health Foundation; 1986.
OMHF claims ignorance of centuries of literature, is able to find negative studies but not positive ones, even those in the Ministry of Health library at the time!
PDF icon omhfquoteshateliteratureturnsaway1986ocr.pdf (30.11 KB)
Campbell D. OMHF turns away concerns about CNS reactions, quotes only negative studies. Toronto; 1986.
The Ontario Mental Health Foundation uses biased selective vision and other biases in dismissing concerns about the ongoing ploughing under of psych patients whose problems are caused or exacerbated by sensitivities.
PDF icon omhfdeniesknowledgeofsensitivities1986ocr.pdf (29.19 KB)
One Man's Crusade Against Environmental Illness.. 1986.
Nice article about great guy, Earon Davis, who eventually chose massage therapy as a more sustainable contribution than legal advocacy.
PDF icon clippingearondavis86ocr.pdf (707.5 KB)
Elston M. Ont Min of Health Murray Elston misrepresents history, defends Zimmerman, rejects and invites comment. Toronto: Ontario Ministry of Health; 1986.
Elston ignores statements by Judge Thomson about the "clearly untenable" nature of his Ministry's continuing position, ignores Zimmerman's public bias, ignores the existence of a legally obligating, publicly insured method of diagnosis, and continues to eclipse issues related to the protection of persons with an age-old illness behind controversy about the theories and approaches of doctors of environmental medicine, exactly as proscribed in the Thomson report!
PDF icon MoHelstontogigantesrecognition1986ocr.pdf (57.52 KB)
Scott I. Ontario AG Ian Scott puts off concerns about accommodation in Ottawa court house. Toronto: Attorney General of Ontario; 1986.
When I was warned that I might be prosecuted for boycotting the census, I tried to use that to ensure that Ottawa courthouses, then new, would accommodate persons with sensitivities. Ian Scott artfully sidestepped all of the court related issues, while also ignoring the ongoing contribution of "clearly untenable" positions of the Ontario Ministry of Health to the exclusion, injury and killing of persons with environmental sensitivities.
PDF icon OntAttGenIanScottoncourtaccommodation1986.pdf (635.04 KB)
Pitura L. Ontario Ministry of Housing acknowledges Ontario hosuing is inaccessible. Toronto; 1986.
Ontario Ministry of Housing confirms needs met in one case, how able to meet needs, and relates fact that they are working closely with MCSS on how to meet needs of persons with sensitivities.
PDF icon OntMinHousingacknowledgeshousinginnaccessible1986ocr.pdf (92.93 KB)
Brown C. People of Ontario vs OMA.; 1986.
Rally those who would take on the OMA. Turned out to be very few, of course! Also, I was not properly distinguishing between criticism of the theories and approaches of doctors of environmental medicine vs recognition of the sickness involved. I was still under the influence of doctors of environmental medicine, to the extent of being blind to my own history!
PDF icon releasepeoplevsOMA1986OCR.pdf (46.36 KB)
Kendall P. Perry Kendall briefs Public Health Branch on Zimmerman report.; 1986.
Kendall inaccurately summarizes Zimmerman report, ignores lethally important issues raised by report Zimmerman was reviewing, sabotages disability and socio-economic support. Mapping prevalence against statistics quoted in "Death by Prescription," suggests that 150,000 Canadians have been unnecessarily killed in health care since the Ontario Ministry of Health ignored and then hid the findings of the Thomson report concerning preventable harm being caused to persons with sensitivities.
PDF icon MoHkendallignoreshistoryreassertsabusiveparadigms1986ocr.pdf (57.73 KB)
Brown C. A perspective on environmental hypersensitivity.; 1986.
Over emphasis on environment, not enough on sensitivities, history of sensitivities...emphasizes new when actually old, lots of literature, science, clinical and institutional experience.
PDF icon brownsummary1986ocr.pdf (91 KB)
Taylor S, Nicholson Butkus S, Mahan KL. Positive articles in the Ontario Ministry of Health library.. 1986.
Although the Ontario Ministry of Health has had positive articles in its possession it continued, for decades, to forward only negative external sources.
PDF icon MoHlibfoodallandsens86ocr.pdf (818.13 KB)
Peterson D. Premier David Peterson acknowledges various letters, does nothing concerning ongoing preventable harm. Toronto: Government of Ontario; 1986.
Peterson consistently ignored questions about his health ministers allowing clearly untenable positions to continue, causing unnecessary injuries and deaths.
PDF icon peterson1986augocr.pdf (1.03 MB)