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Thomson G. Thomson et al comment on the debate. Toronto: Ministry of Health; 1985.
The authors comment on the "clearly untenable" nature of the position held by the Ontario Ministry of Health, i.e. the patients are emotionally ill. They also decried journalism that put forward polarized stories based on clearly untenable positions. They related the fact that meanwhile people are being caused preventable harm.
PDF icon thomsonprodebate85ocr.pdf (487.28 KB)
Thomson G. Thomson lists CNS symptoms. Toronto: Ontario Ministry of Health; 1985.
Thomson's panel listed symptoms for every system of the body, mentioning that the central nervous system (CNS) was usually affected. These are the CNS symptoms.
PDF icon CNSsymptomsthomson85.pdf (37.47 KB)
Thomson G. Thomson recommendations - 7 and 11. Toronto: Ontario Ministry of Health; 1985.
Thomson and his panel of physicians identified an existing (legally obligating) publicly insured means of diagnosis, and recommended avoidance as treatment.
PDF icon thomsonreport7and11ocr.pdf (15.19 KB)
Zimmerman B. Zimmerman trashes clinical ecology. Toronto: Hospital for Sick Children; 1985.
Allergist Barry Zimmerman decries the use of unproven methods, then recommends they be used on an experimental basis. He denigrates any association with candida. He accuses doctors of environmental medicine of practicing pseudoscience. He calls the problems "Total Allergy Syndrome" which was a term invented by doctors of environmental medicine.
PDF icon ZimmermanOnClinicalEcology85ocr.pdf (104.19 KB)
Woynarsky S. Allergy Foundation ignores sensitivities-bashing by its advisors. Allergy Foundation; 1986.
Once IgE mediated reactions were isolated in 1967, some immunologists declared that anyone who claimed to have sensitivities, but who did not have IgE reactions, must be mentally ill. Predictably, most resistant to criticism from persons with sensitivities were consumers on a mission promoting IgE reactions! Fortunately, not everyone with the Allergy Foundation was as irresponsible as some of their abusive medical advisors!
PDF icon AllergyFoundationdoesntrespondtoconcerns1986ocr.pdf (25.33 KB)
Rae B. Bob Rae claims to share concerns (while sabotaging them). Toronto; 1986.
Rae presses for full study when one has just been completed, claims to share concerns while his members (Elie Martel excluded) are sabotaging them, says MCSS claims have been refused without mentioning that several have been accepted.
PDF icon rae1986share.pdf (38.08 KB)
Brown C. Brown asks MoH Murray Elston for protection from physicians. Ottawa; 1986.
At first I naively thought the government would stand up for the citizenship of citizens against ongoing abuse by physicians. Ha!
PDF icon browntoelston1986.pdf (61.35 KB)
Brown C. Brown complains again about CHRC staff attitudes and dishonesty. Ottawa; 1986.
Throughout 1986, despite Thomson report, despite long history, existing means of diagnosis, not to mention basic medical ethics and human rights, CHRC staff and managers constantly challenged reality, dismissing complainants with sensitivities or framing their cases in such a way as to thwart their successful completion.
PDF icon browntofairwweatheraboutfecteauandlafreniere19851986ocr.pdf (50.01 KB)
Brown C. Brown describes personal concerns to Elston. Ottawa; 1986.
While concerned about the ongoing abuse and killing of persons with undiagnosed sensitivities, there were many personal costs because of descrimination.
PDF icon browntoelstonpersonalissues1986ocr.pdf (91.76 KB)
Molot J. Brown test result sheet. Ottawa; 1986.
Test results for serial dilution titration testing. Only slightly helpful, not assured diagnostic method when compared to removal reintroduction testing. Gave me some things to check.
PDF icon chrisstests86ocr.pdf (49.64 KB)
Brown C. Brown thanks Env Parl Secty Gary Gurbin for his understanding. Ottawa; 1986.
Gary Gurbin was the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment. His support was encouraged by Merron Proctor, in Environment Canada. Gurbin had mentioned that epileptics were once thought possessed by the devil.
PDF icon browntoGurbin1986ocr.pdf (26.75 KB)
Brown C. Brown thanks Ontario Ministry of Housing officials while criticizing politicians. Ottawa; 1986.
The whole process during the 1980's was to get any and every part of officialdom to act on their responsibilities concerning persons with environmental sensitivities, so as to bring pressure on civil health authorities to stop abuses.
PDF icon brownthanksministryofhousing1986ocr.pdf (48.43 KB)
Brown C. Brown to Assn of Iroquois and Allied Indians Cathy Wright. Ottawa; 1986.PDF icon browntoIroquois1986ocr.pdf (128.16 KB)
Brown C. Brown to CBC John Kerr, Management, main issues. Ottawa; 1986.
Kerr seemed intelligent, not defensive, so I introduced the issues to him.
PDF icon browntojohnkerrCBC1986ocr.pdf (110.45 KB)
Brown C. Brown to CBC producer Donna Cressman-Dubois about Food Show item. Ottawa; 1986.
The violations, by journalists, of ethics, of their own professionalism, of children and others with environmental sensitivities was so pervasive, and the reaction of even "progressives" to being called on their hatefulness so arrogant, it really did not matter what approach was taken for a period. As one advisor suggested, "Maybe it's not time yet."
PDF icon browntocressmanduboisFoodShowCBC1986ocr.pdf (40.3 KB)
Brown C. Brown to CHRC Fairweather. Ottawa; 1986.
CHRC staff were fettering the discretion of human rights commissioners, children and other vulnerable persons were being injured and killed, yet it was not until Max Yalden and his assistants Denise Ommanney and John Dwyer were at the commission that the CHRC prodded Health and Welfare about human rights concerns.
PDF icon browntofairweather1986.pdf (61.4 KB)
Brown C. Brown to CHRC Fecteau about dishonest summary. Ottawa; 1986.
Brown, the complainant, clearly repeats that his complaint concerns pesticide labelling as required under federal legislation, not pesticide usage as required by provincial legislation. Diane Fecteau and Charles Lafreniere continue to misrepresent the complaint as being about a provincial matter, deflecting the concern. More than 200,000 Canadians with sensitivities have been killed by human rights violations in health care since.
PDF icon browntoCHRCfecteauonLABELLING1986ocr.pdf (37.95 KB)
Brown C. Brown to CHRC Lafreniere on deceitful summary.; 1986.
Lafreniere backed up Fecteau in providing a dishonest summary of complaint so that it could be dismissed.
PDF icon browntoCHRCLafrenierereSummaryofComplaint1986ocr.pdf (22.77 KB)
Brown C. Brown to CHRC Lafreniere protesting dishonest summary. CHRC, editor. Ottawa; 1986.
Despite repeated attempts, I was unable to get CHRC staff to acknowledge that my complaint was about pesticide labelling rather than usage.
PDF icon browntolafreniere.pdf (24.58 KB)
Brown C. Brown to CMA about abusive physicians.; 1986.
Regardless of the flakiness of "environmental medicine's" claim that they discovered environmental sensitivities, there were reasons to be concerned about the CMA turning a blind eye to lethal abuse by their members.
PDF icon browntoCMA1986ocr.pdf (75.24 KB)
Brown C. Brown to Epp on negligence while horror continues.; 1986.
The difference in perspective between those of us who were dealing with the reality consumers faced, vs those in protected positions of power who were being lied to by negligent underlings, was mind wrenching. Jake Epp showed absolutely no ability to out think his underlings who were lying to cover up lethal mistakes.
PDF icon browntoepponshoddyairandkidswithpsychsequelae1986ocr.pdf (23.02 KB)
Brown C. Brown to Eric Nielsen concerning federal lack of response.; 1986.
Venting toward Eric Nielsen just before he resigned.
PDF icon browntonielsen86ocr.pdf (22.33 KB)
Brown C. Brown to Governonr General Sauve.; 1986.
Who do you write to when cabinet is turning a blind eye on lethal abuse by officials?
PDF icon browntoGGsauveongovernance1986ocr.pdf (116.81 KB)
Brown C. Brown to Joe Clark after census boycott reply. Ottawa; 1986.
Joe Clark called the issues "legitimate" in response to census boycott, and he is familiar with civil disobedience in South Africa and India, so tried an appeal....
PDF icon browntojoeclarkonissuesSept1986ocr.pdf (100.06 KB)
Brown C. Brown to OMHF concerning persons with undiagnosed CNS reactions.; 1986.
....makes argument that many persons with CNS reactions are undiagnosed, should be rescured.
PDF icon browntoOMHFdetailed1986ocr.pdf (89.39 KB)
Brown C. Brown to Ontario MoH PPAO concerning persons with undiagnosed CNS reactions. Ottawa; 1986.
How do you address belligerent attitudes amongst psychiatrists? I thought that the Ontario Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office might have some experience. It is a measure of failure that, based on prevalence against suicide rates, there have been more than 8,000 suicides of Canadians with psych problems that are caused or exacerbated by undiagnosed sensitivities since this letter was written!
PDF icon browntodrtyroneturnerPPAO1986.pdf (114.82 KB)
Brown C. Brown to The Citizen, Keith Spicer, about journalists' contribution to attitudinal pollution. Ottawa; 1986.
Citizen and other outlets made a sport of peoples' rights to freedom from arbitrary interference, reverse onus. Journalists, including editors, usually played semantical games, or argued that there were "two sides" to subjecting people to a reverse onus.
PDF icon browntoCitizenSpiceronwordallergy1986ocr.pdf (37.43 KB)
Brown C. Brown tries again with OHIP. Ottawa; 1986.
Here I continue the mistake of fighting for the flaky ideas and approaches of doctors of environmental medicine while ignoring the fact that the patient interview was (and is) a publicly-insured method of diagnosis, and not understanding that the rinkel method used by doctors of environmental medicine was not reliable.
PDF icon browntoOHIPGibsonmoreargument1986ocr.pdf (37.19 KB)
Brown C. Brown tries to wean HEF from environmental medicine. Ottawa; 1986.
In the mid 1980's, it became clear that persons with sensitivities had been well known to medicine for centuries, and that it was the recent theories of doctors of environmental medicine that were questionable. Still, most consumers clung to a flaky revisionist version of our history provided by environmental physicians. This letter was just one attempt to help consumers demedicalize their situation so that they could understand and use human rights law. Unfortunately, human rights officers in Ontario and federally were as ignorant, abusive and bigotted as anyone!!!
PDF icon browntrieswithHEF1986ocr.pdf (87.63 KB)
Brown C. Brown underlines complaints about CHRC staff. Ottawa; 1986.
With human rights officers making excuses to turn away perhaps a dozen complaints we brought as separate individuals, with officers and managers overtly lying in the summary of complaints in order to dismiss them, and while people with sensitivities continued to be killed as a result of human rights abuses across the country, Fairweather made the mistake of trusting his people, thanks in part to his astonishingly ignorant assistant, Jeannie Thomas.
PDF icon brownunderlinesdissatisfactionwithconductofCHRCstaffandmanagers1986ocr.pdf (28.04 KB)
Brown C. Brown vents to Elston on post Thomson nothingness.; 1986.
By 1986. it became obvious that the Ontario Ministry of Health was not going to act ethically, but was going to continue to subject persons with sensitivities to a reverse onus.
PDF icon browntoelstonmaynodueprocess1986ocr.pdf (26.72 KB)
Census Questionnaire, 1986.; 1986.
I boycotted the census in 1986, 1996 and 2006.
PDF icon censusform86ocr.pdf (259.25 KB)
Fecteau D, Lafreniere CA. CHRC Fecteau and Lafreniere distract from labelling.; 1986.
Although my complaint was about pesticide labelling, a federal matter, CHRC staff dodged their responsibilities by claiming that the complaint was about pesticide usage, not labelling. It was one of many instances of blatant dishonesty on the part of public servants, in this case fronted by Diane Fecteau.
PDF icon chrcsummaryregulationprocess.pdf (92.82 KB)
CHRC staff recommend dismissing complaint against AgCan..; 1986.
CHRC managers' summary of complaint that ignores federal pesticide labelling requirement to follow human rights act. More than 150,000 Canadians with sensitivities have been killed since Fecteau, Lafreniere and other CHRC managers misrepresented and then dismissed the complaint.
PDF icon chrcfecteaulafrenierebotching1986ocr.pdf (94.48 KB)
Lafreniere CA. CHRC's Lafreniere ignores the issues. Ottawa; 1986.
CHRC's Charles Lafreniere ignores the issues brought before him, gesticulates about generalities while Canadians are being killed through violations of the Canadian Human Rights Act.
PDF icon lafreniereonbrown.pdf (36.8 KB)
Clark J. Clark responds to Census boycott. Ottawa; 1986.
Although Joe has personal and family experience with sensitivities, he did not express his belief in the legitimacy of the concern until he was provided with an opportunity to lecture me about using civil disobedience. Ironically, I am quite sure that Mr. Clark is as aware as myself of the time honoured tradition of using civil disobedience to achieve democratic ends!
PDF icon clarkjoefinallymoves1986ocr.pdf (51.8 KB)
Geekie D. CMA finally agrees to counter Health and Welfare's misrepresentation of the CMA's position. Brown C, editor. Ottawa; 1986.
In the mid 1980's, Health and Welfare, including health minister Jake Epp, were claiming that the Canadian Medical Association was sceptical about existence of sensitivities. Finally, CMA government relations head Doug Geekie agrees to call Health and Welfare on its misrepresentation of the CMA's position.
PDF icon cmanotsceptical86ocr.pdf (265.51 KB)
Vezina M. Consumer and Corporate Affairs Minister Vezina invites discussions on product labelling.; 1986.
"Officials of my Department would be prepared to meet with representatives of your association to discuss labelling concerns and problems associated with specific product groups or products subject to the Acts and Regulations mentioned above."
PDF icon vezinaConsCorpsomeprotectionbutnotcomprehensive1986ocr.pdf (52.63 KB)
Brown C. Doctors bicker while patients die - Mailmerge to Ontario MPP's.; 1986.
Criticizing government for consequences of equivocating.
PDF icon browntoMPPs1986ocr.pdf (72.6 KB)
Roblin D. Duff Roblin responds to Census boycott. Ottawa; 1986.
Point is, where is his previous expression of concern or referral of the real issues? People get involved with stereotypes, not with real issues. People comment on the marginal, not on what is agreed to be "off the page."
PDF icon duffroblinreferscensustovezina1986ocr.pdf (19.53 KB)
Proctor M. Environment Canada Merron Proctor calls meeting to create horizontal policy influence on Health and Welfare. Hull; 1986.
Environment Canada policy official calls meeting to begin process of horizontal policy influence toward Health and Welfare. This was the first clear action toward the resolution of any issues by anyone at the federal level, in public service or politics. Memo invited Environment Canada's Brian O'Donnell, Alex Manson, Madeleine Ouellon, George Cornwall, Wally Zuk and consumers Stephanie Wells and Chris Brown.
PDF icon EnvCanProctormemo1986ocr.pdf (32.62 KB)
Goulet L. Environment Canada recommends Issues Brief to Health and Welfare. Ottawa: Environment Canada; 1986.
Environment Canada responded well to requests for assistance in ending abusiveness at Health and Welfare.
PDF icon EnvironmentrecommendsIssuesBrieftoHWC1986ocr.pdf (55 KB)
Brown C. The environmentally sensitive seem on the verge of being recognized as who we are. Ottawa: AGES; 1986.
News Release hoping to encourage bandwagon of acceptance on basis of positives in Zimmerman report, even though abuse and killing of patients was not yet part of the discussion. For the 1980's until there was some momentum federally and in Ontario, you couldn't hope to continue any discussion or process if you you mentioned the ongoing preventable killings in federal and provincial jurisdictions. So, release builds on what positive was expected, adds other recent positives.
PDF icon releaseagesrespondstoZimmermanleakotherprogress1986ocr.pdf (114.93 KB)
Clarke W. External Affairs discusses marketing of Fresh Air BRICKs. Ottawa; 1986.
No response on the suicides of persons with sensitivities who had been abused by various authorities, but a commercial product, well....
PDF icon externalaffairsFABmarketing1986ocr.pdf (41.69 KB)
Fairweather G. Fairweather avoids human rights questions, ignores provided, existing definition and diagnostic method. Canadian Human Rights Commission; 1986.
Fairweather ignores human rights concerns about reverse onus, invisibilizes history of group, seems to think there is not a definition or diagnostic method, repeating all the mistakes and misconceptions that are creating the abuse about which he has been approached!!!
PDF icon fairweatherirepeatsmistakes1986ocr.pdf (67.31 KB)
MacDonald F. Flora MacDonald writes Jake Epp. Ottawa; 1986.
Flora MacDonald was one of several cabinet ministers who prodded Jake Epp concerning preventable harm being caused to persons with environmental sensitivities.
PDF icon florawritesjake1986ocr.pdf (47.26 KB)
MacDonald F. Flora suggests courting the Canadian Medical Association. Ottawa: Minister of Communications; 1986.
Such is the power of Organized Medicine! When one goes to the political level because instruments of self regulation, education and professional development within medicine were not bringing an end to daily preventable deaths, and when civil health authorities are, according to officials studies, subjecting people to unsupportable abuse, political bosses automatically refer you back to your abusers, to the medical community. It mirrors what happened to children who complained of abuse by priests.
PDF icon floraoncensus1986ocr.pdf (23.62 KB)
Wells S. Fresh Air Brick ad. Several: Severak; 1986.
Ad designed by Stephanie Wells. Reached measured 2.5 million impressions, English Canadian media. "No straw shall be given you, yet ye shall deliver the tale of Bricks."
PDF icon FABadocr.pdf (30.96 KB)
Brown C. Fresh Air Brick merge promo.; 1986.
Mail merge template sent to federal Ministers.
PDF icon FABpromotionnewslettersmerge1986ocr.pdf (14.29 KB)
Fresh Air Brick publicity materials (2).; 1986.
various Fresh Air Brick scams, publicity received.
PDF icon FABpublicitymaterials860001ocr.pdf (119.53 KB)