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Is Pollution Making You Sick?. 1983.
Even Jehovah's Witnesses were doing better journalism than the bullies of Canadian mainstream media.
PDF icon awake83.PDF (953.48 KB)
BN. Researchers study diet and hyperactivity. Alberta: BN; 1983.
BN article announcing research about diet and hyperactivity.
PDF icon cbcinternaldiethyper83.PDF (197.62 KB)
Brown C. Rotation Diet for Chris Brown.; 1983.
I actually followed this for three weeks.
PDF icon rotationdiet.pdf (110.75 KB)
Myers T. Tony Myers recommends Brown.; 1983.
Tony Myers letter of recommendation.
PDF icon myers.pdf (38.51 KB)
Worron T. TV Documentaries: three hits no misses.. 1983.
Reviewer notes controversy about specialists, ignores history of people affected.
PDF icon cbc20thcenturyottawacitizenreview83.pdf (87 KB)
Groen R, Zyvatkauskas B. Twentieth Century Disease.. 1983.
Media report message of documentary, but do not absorb it in future work.
PDF icon clippingg&m20thcentury83.pdf (256.74 KB)
Gosnell L. The Twentieth Century Disease. CBC; 1983.
This groundbreaking documentary focuses on the debate about the ideas of environmental medicine, as it was taking place in the 1980's in North America.
File 20centurydiseaseCBC1983.wmv (22.74 MB)
Shafer T. What to do if you are sprayed with pesticides.. 1983.
Step by step How to guide.
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Brown C. Brown demands OHIP payment for Rinkel method. Ottawa; 1984.
In the early stages of looking for things to make official, I chose medical references from the physicians who had attached themselves to us, namely "clinical ecologists." I soon moved on to advocate on human rights and disability concerns, avoiding the medical discussion as soon as I found out that the flaky assertions of clinical ecology were a big part of the problem.
PDF icon brownohiprequested84ocr.pdf (37.67 KB)
Leroux A. Business Cards ADMIT ONE.; 1984.
Business cards and letterhead came second in first Canadian Letterhead Competition.
PDF icon ADMITONEbusinesscard.pdf (311.02 KB)
CLINICAL ECOLOGISTS PRACTICING IN CANADA - March 2, 1984. CSEM; 1984.PDF icon canadianclinicalecologists84ocr.pdf (27.99 KB)
special to the and Mail G. Foresters demand textbooks be purged of 'slanted' items.. 1984.
BC public servants pressure education ministry for school textbook language rules when discussing biocides, old growth forests.
PDF icon clippingforesterlanguagerules84.pdf (48.92 KB)
HEF Ottawa Minutes. Ottawa: HEF Ottawa; 1984.PDF icon northlanarkedistrict84ocr.pdf (40.75 KB)
Molot J. Molot names tests for OHIP. Ottawa; 1984.
Molot identifies tests so that I can lobby OHIP for him to get paid. What patients didn't know, at the time, was that the patient interview was an insured method of diagnosis, and that the tests used by clinical ecologists were not reliable.
PDF icon molotontesting83.PDF (16.58 KB)
Davidson JW. OHIP payments denied for Rinkel method. Ottawa: OHIP; 1984.
Persons with sensitivities, including myself, spent far too much time forwarding the ideas of doctors of environmental medicine, and not enough reminding people that there were existing, publicly insured methods of diagnosis. Widow,
PDF icon MoHOHIPdenied84ocr.pdf (32.66 KB)
Davidson?. OHIP payments explained . Ottawa: OHIP; 1984.
OHIP explains that they do not pay for tests used by clinical ecologists. (Widow)
PDF icon MoHOHIPexplained84ocr.pdf (30.11 KB)
Barlow M. PMO congratulates Brown on TV piece about pornography.; 1984.
Barlow wrote supportive letter after CBC management expressed worries about audience response to CBC TV story done by Brown about porn.
PDF icon pmobarlow198ocr.pdf (32.46 KB)
Cohen S. Sharon Cohen recommends Brown. Ottawa; 1984.
Nice letter from a great woman.
PDF icon cohenonbrownocr.pdf (279.04 KB)
May CD, Mogren H. Tenth Annual "Food Sensitivity" Marabou Symposium. NUTRITION REVIEWS; 1984.
"When such profound understanding of sensitivity to food is now available, it may come as a surprise to learn that there is widespread confusion and controversy about what is commonly called food "allergy." How such confusion and controversy developed will now be traced."
PDF icon MoHlibNutritionReviewsfoodsensitivity84.pdf (513.79 KB)
Newbery L. 20th Century disease may mask symptoms of mental illness - MD.. 1985.
Journalist bases hate literature on work of Donna Stewart and Joel Raskin. Does Newbery know there have been a couple of hundred thousand preventable deaths since then?
PDF icon clippingtorstarstewart85ocr.pdf (195.97 KB)
Garfield E. Allergies are nothing to sneeze at.. 1985.
Garfield's literature review on allergy outlines the issues. The consequences of ignoring sensitivities in health care, including psychiatry, should be obvious to anyone who reads this three part series.
PDF icon garfieldpartone85ocr.pdf (652.18 KB)PDF icon garfieldparttwo85ocr.pdf (652.5 KB)PDF icon garfieldpartthree85ocr.pdf (648.3 KB)
Brown C. Brown decries Epp's lack of response.; 1985.
Jake Epp never did act on his responsibilities to persons with sensitivities who are in risk groups where there is a duty of care.
PDF icon browntoepp8jul1985.pdf (49.35 KB)
Brown C. Brown nominates Maclennan for environmental award.; 1985.
When Pollution Probe told me they were giving an award to Jake Epp, I immediately began conspiring with them on how to get the leader of Canadian doctors of environmental medicine to receive the same award.
PDF icon maclennannomination1985ocr.pdf (267.99 KB)
Brown C. Brown proposes Issues Brief to Ont DM of Health's EA..; 1985.
Issues brief proposed to Ontario DM of Health, before release of Thomson report.
PDF icon browntoclark3july1985.pdf (48.44 KB)
Brown C. Brown to AgCan Wise on pesticides.; 1985.
Agriculture Canada was pretending they had never heard of sensitivities, while Health and Welfare file manager was recommending warning labels on pesticides.
PDF icon browntowise22july1985.pdf (214.45 KB)
Brown C. Brown to Elston on Enright. Ottawa; 1985.
Enright was pretending that the hand of the Minister of Health were tied by professional opinion, and that the professional opinion was dismissive. This attitude and its remnants have contributed to perhaps 80,000 preventable deaths in Ontario since.
PDF icon browntoelston16jul1985.pdf (119.29 KB)
Brown C. Brown to Frum on journalistic violations. Ottawa; 1985.
First note to CBC National journalist concerning journalistic myths and violations.
PDF icon browntofrum13july1985.pdf (104.78 KB)
Brown C. Brown to Geekie on CMA's continuing complacency.; 1985.
The CMA has remained largely silent as its members contribute to thousands of unnecessary deaths.
PDF icon browntogeekie8aug1985.pdf (25.09 KB)
Brown C. Brown to health minister Jake Epp.; 1985.
Expression of disgust at lack of concern from Epp's office or department concerning ongoing abuse of persons with sensitivities and the various ethical, human rights violations contributing to it.
PDF icon browntoepp8jul1985.pdf (49.35 KB)
Brown C. Brown to MoH Clark on Issues Brief (as distinct from Thomson Report). Ron Clark MH, editor.; 1985.
Discussion representation concerning Issues Brief funding, with EA to Ont MoH DM.
PDF icon browntoclark13july1985.pdf (126.34 KB)
Brown C. Brown to Susan Wright in health minister Jake Epp's office, concerns being ignored.; 1985.
Expression of some initial concerns after frustration with lack of action over preceding several years.
PDF icon browntoHWCwright12jul1985.pdf (68.38 KB)
Geekie D. Canadian Medical Association responds to concerns about physicians killing persons with environmental sensitivities.. Ottawa: Canadian Medical Association; 1985.
CMA Government Relations person Doug Geekie asked for information about physicians' ongoing abuse and killing of patients with sensitivities. When he received it, he found the information unpalatable.
PDF icon cmageekietobrown85ocr.pdf (24.33 KB)
Zimmerman B, Weber E. Candida and "20th Century Disease".. 1985.
Zimmerman criticizes the ideas and approaches of the cult of environmental medicine, but emphasizes that the sickness of patients is real. It would have been nice if he had put in a bit more history, instead of portraying so-called "clinical ecologists" as the only people who have dealt with patients with sensitivities over the centuries.
PDF icon zimmermanCMAJ85ocr.pdf (190.14 KB)
Fecteau D. CHRC Fecteau misrepresents CHRC complaint, recommends rejection. Brown C, editor. Ottawa: CHRC; 1985.
CHRC Diane Fecteau provides revisionist summary of my complaint demanding accommodation in the provision of regulations concerning pesticide labelling, as recommended by Health and Welfare and implemented by Agriculture Canada. Fecteau's dismissive summary decides that the complaint, which is clearly about labelling, quotes labelling section of pest control act, is actually about usage and therefore a provincial, not a federal, concern. In a related matter, probably 200,000 Canadians have been killed unnecessarily in health care since Fecteau and her colleagues unprofessionally interfered with this complaint.
PDF icon fecteauusage85ocr.pdf (28.38 KB)
Fecteau D. CHRC Fecteau - Newspapers not covered by CHRC. Brown C, editor. Ottawa: CHRC; 1985.
Canadian Human Rights Commission staff, unlike then Chief Commissioner Max Yalden, were brushing away complaints by persons with sensitivities. Yalden's approach to reducing the abuse of persons with sensitivities went out the window once Falardeau-Ramsey became Chief Commissioner. Perhaps 200,000 Canadians have been killed unnecessarily since Diane Fecteau and her colleagues first turned their backs. The Ottawa Citizen continues to invisibilize work that Heath Canada did in the early 1990's concerning the preventable killing of persons with sensitivities in health care. This is hateful in that it encourages s.216 homicides.
PDF icon fecteaucitizen85ocr.pdf (35.61 KB)
CMA Policy Summary on Immunization. Ottawa: Canadian Medical Association; 1985.
CMA policy makes no mention of disability resulting from immunization shots. Also, they publish a policy about immunization during a period where they were declaring, in relation to environmental sensitivities, they do not make statements about specific aspects of health care. A similar policy summary concerning sensitivities might have saved many thousands of lives.
PDF icon CMAimmunization85ocr.pdf (94.17 KB)
Doctors of Environmental Medicine - AAEM 1985. AAEM; 1985.PDF icon clinicalecologistsUS85ocr.pdf (29.93 KB)
Martel E. Elie Martel writes Thomson committee. Toronto; 1985.
Elie Martel pressed for help for persons with sensitivities for years.
PDF icon martelelie85.PDF (111.89 KB)
various. Foundation rejection slips, for issues brief funding.; 1985.
I was rejected by nearly every foundation I approached.
PDF icon foundationrejectionslips85ocr.pdf (520.55 KB)
Nikiforuk G. Gordon Nikiforuk comments on Zimmerman's hostility.. Toronto; 1985.
Nikiforuk points out that Zimmerman's "harsh polemic" is unhelpful when patients are sick, losing their jobs, living in isolation, etc.
PDF icon nikiforuckmartelrezimmerman85ocr.pdf (45.58 KB)
Schenck EM. HEAL invites Brown to set up Canadian chapter. Brown C, editor.; 1985.
HEAL was active in the US, and there was a need to have a consumer organization that was independent from the unethical and destructive manipulation and co-optation to which doctors of environmental medicine subjected the Human Ecology Foundation. Fortunately, Marie Laurin soon founded the Advocacy Group for the Environmentally Sensitive, the original AGES, which formally disbanded in the mid 1990's, handing their work (and assets) over to the Allergy and Environmental Health Association.
PDF icon HEALtobrown1985ocr.pdf (26.81 KB)
Issues Brief Proposal - 1985.; 1985.
My strategy in the 1980's was to get as many authorities to act on the issues involved. While I could and did write issues briefs unfunded, I wanted authorities to get involved in framing the issues as a starting point.
PDF icon issuesbriefprp85ocr.pdf (79.02 KB)
Epp J. Jake Epp tells Paul Dick he has referred issues brief idea elsewhere. Dick P, editor. Health and Welfare; 1985.
Jake Epp was very loyal to his staff who were unwilling to acknowledge the thousands of deaths their policies were causing, despite the fact that medical ethics, human rights legislation, and an official Ontario committee described their lethally damaging position as "clearly untenable."
PDF icon epptodickonissuesbrief1985ocr.pdf (35.55 KB)
Small B. Pollution and Education - Executive Summary. Toronto: Toronto Board of Education; 1985.
Sensitivities are just one of many adverse health effects of pollution on education.
PDF icon pollutionandeducationsummary85ocr.pdf (50.74 KB)
Small B, Priesnitz W, Small BJ. Pollution and Education in Toronto.; 1985.
Another of Small's excellent reports!
PDF icon pollutionandeducation1985ocr.pdf (15.33 MB)
Stewart D, Raskin J. Psychiatric Assessment of Patients with "20th Century Disease".. 1985.
Stewart and Raskin ridicule patients by using straw men, sloppy sampling and hyperbole. Later, CMAJ editor told me it was the article for which they received the most complaints ever. Estimates range from 24,000 to 500,000 preventable Canadian deaths since the article was published.
PDF icon stewartpsychiatricCMAJ85ocr.pdf (464.01 KB)
Thomson, et al. Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental Hypersensitivity Disorders. Toronto: Ontario Ministry of Health; 1985.PDF icon thomsonreport85searchableweb.pdf (9.53 MB)
Thomson G, McCourtie DR, Woodward WD, Day JH, Evers SE, Gerrard JW. REPORT OF THE AD HOC COMMITTEE ON ENVIRONMENTAL HYPERSENSITIVITY DISORDERS W/APPENDICES. Toronto: Ontario Ministry of Health; 1985. (Thomson Report).
The Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental Hypersensitivity Disorders (note plural) was commissioned by former Ontario health minister Keith Norton. The report's authors included Judge George M. Thomson, two teaching hospital physicians, and an epidemiologist. They pointed out that there was an existing, publicly-insured method of diagnosis, and a method of patient management long known to physicians. The Thomson report is often misrepresented by Ministry of Health officials, perhaps because it points out (p266) that key (and lethal) Ministry assumptions about sensitivities were "clearly untenable." Years later, retired NDP MPP Elie Martel expressed the opinion that ministry officials had simply lied to Liberal Murray Elston, who received, and promptly buried, the report in 1985. The same crowd of Liberals, elected to the House of Commons in 1993, buried work done under the Mulroney government to stop the injury and killing of persons with sensitivities in health care. People who were to be protected have been injured or killed, instead. The appendices include a list of symptoms reported by persons with sensitivities. Many of the conditions are included in the diseases treated at the National Jewish Hospital, in Denver, Colorado, which was built on Fresh Air Hospital guidelines more than a century ago.
PDF icon thomsonreport1985ocr.pdf (6.87 MB)PDF icon thomsonappendices1985ocr.pdf (7.43 MB)PDF icon thomsoncommentsonhisreport2001ocr.pdf (139.26 KB)PDF icon thomsonreportrecommendations7and11ocr.pdf (15.3 KB)PDF icon thomsonexcerptprodebate1985ocr.pdf (487.28 KB)
Riedel D. Riedel recommends pesticide labelling. Ottawa: Health and Welfare; 1985.
Deiter Riedel was Health and Welfare's file manager on pesticide related recommendations. He recommended that Agriculture Canada consider changing the federally required labels on pesticides to include a warning concerning persons with sensitivities.
PDF icon riedel85ocr.pdf (58.11 KB)
Priesnitz W. Is School Making Your Child Ill?. 1985.
Environmental hazards in schools.
PDF icon priesnitz85ocr.pdf (227.59 KB)