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PCO, The Role of the Department of National Health and Welfare in Health Effects of the Environment. 1971.
Cabinet committee recommends that cabinet direct Health and Welfare to bone up on environmental health, as relates to federal health programs and to predict upcoming problems.
PDF icon cabinetenvhealthresearch71.PDF (49.63 KB)
S. Henry, Local reaction to reactor captured on tape, The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, 1977.
Ottawa Citizen article about using video for public participation around proposed Chats Falls reactor (Fitzroy Harbour).
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On the House. Ottawa, 1978.
Announcement of reception for CCTA show about how the House of Commons works. Directed and edited by Chris Brown.
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C. Brown, Brown decries Epp's lack of response. 1985.
Jake Epp never did act on his responsibilities to persons with sensitivities who are in risk groups where there is a duty of care.
PDF icon browntoepp8jul1985.pdf (49.35 KB)
C. Brown, Brown proposes Issues Brief to Ont DM of Health's EA.. 1985.
Issues brief proposed to Ontario DM of Health, before release of Thomson report.
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C. Brown, Brown to AgCan Wise on pesticides. 1985.
Agriculture Canada was pretending they had never heard of sensitivities, while Health and Welfare file manager was recommending warning labels on pesticides.
PDF icon browntowise22july1985.pdf (214.45 KB)
C. Brown, Brown to Elston on Enright, Elston, Murray, Minister of Health. Ottawa, 1985.
Enright was pretending that the hand of the Minister of Health were tied by professional opinion, and that the professional opinion was dismissive. This attitude and its remnants have contributed to perhaps 80,000 preventable deaths in Ontario since.
PDF icon browntoelston16jul1985.pdf (119.29 KB)
C. Brown, Brown to health minister Jake Epp. 1985.
Expression of disgust at lack of concern from Epp's office or department concerning ongoing abuse of persons with sensitivities and the various ethical, human rights violations contributing to it.
PDF icon browntoepp8jul1985.pdf (49.35 KB)
C. Brown, Brown to MoH Clark on Issues Brief (as distinct from Thomson Report). 1985.
Discussion representation concerning Issues Brief funding, with EA to Ont MoH DM.
PDF icon browntoclark13july1985.pdf (126.34 KB)
C. Brown, Brown to Susan Wright in health minister Jake Epp's office, concerns being ignored. 1985.
Expression of some initial concerns after frustration with lack of action over preceding several years.
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