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AEHA National forms committee to look into abuse. 1995.
It is almost unbelievable that, 15 years ago, the attached committee was formed, and the attached motion was passed by AEHA National at AGM Board meeting. Neither were acted on, as Featherstone, Maclennan, Molot, Marshall, Krop, Armstrong crap, pulled the group back to being only a fan club for doctors of environmental medicine. It was a good committee, and a good motion, but absolutely no follow through. ALL of the speakers at the AGM were physicians, except one guy at the end of the day who talked about housing renovations. Jerry Ross actually said that the critics of environmental medicine were all saying that it was all in peoples' heads, which was not my experience at all. The function of Ross's comments were to unethically scare consumers into the environmental medicine fold. It is the meeting where I met Joffres, by demanding an apology from him for saying that sensitivities were not accepted, and that we needed research before they could be accepted. I was so incredibly offended to see that everything that had moved forward before 1993 was being sabotaged, not by the enemy, but by a chapter in NS and others who, in 1995, were where the Ottawa Branch had been in 1983. Nothing invisibilizes history like fanaticism. There was an incredibly goofy naturopath who had everyone under his spell, convincing them that what they needed, first and foremost, was an acceptance of naturopathy. I sat across from him at lunch and, just before we left, when finished, I asked him to get out of our faces, that he was using us for needs substantiation and setting us back in the process. I think he could tell the level of rage that was behind my quiet but very terse dressing down of him. Eventually he was out of the picture. At one point, a doctor in the audience whose wife had sensitivities got up and gave me a dressing down for criticising Joffres. He said that "the way things work" was that we needed research, just like we needed Lister before we dealt with infection. I wish I'd known then that the words "infective" and "pestilential" predated Lister by centuries.
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