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GlynWilliams J. Ontario Ministry of Health announces clinic for persons with sensitivities.; 1994.
A decade (and several thousand unnecessary deaths) after the findings of the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee recommended efforts to address attitudes in health care, the Ministry of Health announces a clinic that does not meet the standard recommended. At the same time, the Ministry of Health invisibilizes the actual history, rights and needs of persons with sensitivities, instead putting forward a discussion about the "new" ideas of doctors of environmental medicine. The clinic was not implemented until another government was elected. Ontario politicians and public servants continue to refuse to address their contribution to the unnecessary injury and killing of persons with sensitivities in health care.
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GlynWilliams J. Ontario Ministry of Health backgrounder eclipses history of sensitivities behind debate about environmental medicine.; 1994.
Despite warnings in official reports, from medical educators and organized medicine, the Ontario Minsitry of Health continued to equate the consideration of the assertions of doctors of environmental medicine with the centuries old needs, rights and history of persons with sensitivities. This approach resulted in thousands of preventable deaths and assisted a fringe group of professionals in appropriating the voice of persons whose health complaint had long been known to science, medicine and civil health authorities. Some day someone should study how a long-existing, well known problem for which there was a publicly insured method of diagnosis could be eclipsed behind the irresponsible assertions of a small group of physicians!
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