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Chandra R. Food allergy.. 1992.
Chandra indicates food allergies may cause migraine, ignores literature about sensitivities and learning and behavioural problems. Wikipedia entry about Chandra - "In the summer of 2002, Dr. Chandra retired from Memorial University of Newfoundland under a cloud of suspicion. He had published a study in the September 2001 edition of Nutrition claiming his patented multivitamin formula could reverse memory problems in people over the age of 65. However, the same study had been previously submitted to the British Medical Journal in 2000 and rejected after a review by a statistical expert, who stated that the study had "all the hallmarks of having been completely invented." The BMJ asked Memorial University to investigate. When they, too, found that the study could not possibly have been completed as claimed, they asked Chandra to produce his data. He refused, claiming the university had lost it, and resigned, avoiding disciplinary action and later even going so far as to threaten a lawsuit against his accusers. "The claims made in his study were so amazing that they garnered a lot of mainstream attention. This actually turned out to be bad for Chandra, because when The New York Times published a story about it, several other world-renowned scientists began looking at his published results and realised they were completely fabricated. By 2005, his vitamin study had been completely debunked and retracted, which led to further investigations into his previous research and published studies." -
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