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Decter M. Ontario health DM Michael Decter suggests meeting with staff who were not being sincere.; 1991.
Decter had been approached because the people he was suggesting we meet with, Howard Danson and Gail Waller, were not being forthright in discussing the concerns. Eventually Decter met with consumer reps, but ignored his own responsibilities as DM, saying only that, "What you need is a white knight in the Ministry!" Thousands of CNS reactors in Ontario have since suicided after being ploughed under by abusive attitudes in health care. Tens of thousands of persons with undiagnosed sensitivities have since been unnecessarily killed.
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Decter M. Ontario Health DM Michael Decter ignores responsibilities, misrepresents findings of reports and work at Health and Welfare.; 1992.
Quite aside from his role in implementing the Orwellian "social contract," Michael Decter was one of the most irresponsible Ontario officials concerning the exclusion, injury and killing of persons with environmental sensitivities. In the attached letter, he: 1. refers to sensitivities as being caused by a single condition, ignoring a hundred years of literature and the title of the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental Hypersensitivity Disorders 2. excuses a lack of action on the basis that there is no case definition for the condition when it is impossible to have a single case description for a compendium of disorders 3. indicates that diagnosis depends on consistent lab tests when the group is not homogeneous 4. says that tests do not reveal abnormalities, when the science showed a variety of abnormalities across the group 5. ignores the existence of a publicly insured method of diagnosis, as identified in the Thomson report, as currently promoted by the College of Family Physicians of Ontario, and as used by physicians for centuries 6. calls for respect and understanding while betraying persons with sensitivities to being unnecessarily killed in health care, excluded and injured there and elsewhere 7. ignores calls for public education by public health officials recommended in the Thomson report 8. refers discussion of CNS reactors to officials in the Ministry of Health when he had received documented complaints about the lack of forthrightness of those officials 9. tells consumer representative to sort out lack of responsibility on the part of the Medical Officer of Health himself, rather than taking responsibility for his staff 10. portrays requests for remedial action on the Ministry's contribution to abusive public attitudes as requests for "redress on individual situations" when no request for damages had been made 11. refers concerns about the contribution of Ministry officials to abusive action to various appeals boards, instead of addressing those abusive attitudes directly within his own staff 12. further refers concerns about abusive and untruthful attitudes and actions on the part of his staff to agencies of remedy, specifically Ombudsman Ontario and the Ontario Human Rights Commission 13. pretends sensitivities are new, not known to medicine 14. eclipses the actual history, experience, rights of persons with sensitivities behind debate about the ideas of doctors of environmental medicine, as proscribed by official reports and comments from organized medicine.
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Decter M. Ontario Health DM Michael Decter ignores several concerns, refers public health concerns to Richard Schabas, Ontario Medical Officer of Health.; 1992.
Decter consistently dodged issues, referred responsibilities elsewhere, even as persons with sensitivities were being excluded, injured and unnecessarily killed in Ontario Health Care. Schabas, to whom Decter tosses the ball this time, apparently did nothing to stop the abuse of persons with sensitivities, the negligence of public health units across the province, or the abuse of the truth by people in the Ministry of Health.
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Decter M. Ontario Health DM Michael Decter promises to consider concerns, but does nothing as children and others are hurt or killed in the health care system.; 1992.
Decter is a champion surfer, advisor, never seemed to understand the meaning of the word "responsible."
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Decter M. Ontario Ministry of Health DM Michael Decter avoids abuse issues, ignores existing publicly insured means of diagnosis, instead explores "environmental medicine".; 1993.
Decter ignored the concerns brought to him, instead became distracted by the quagmire debate about doctors of environmental medicine. Abuse by his officials continued, resulting in several thousand preventable deaths, millions of dollars damages, broken families, ruined careers, abused children and so on.
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