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Grier R. Ontario environment minister Ruth Grier vaguely supports concern.; 1991.
Grier was supportive when she was environment minister, ignored fact that Thomson report had identified an existing, publicly insured method of diagnosis when she later became Minister of Health. "The fact remains that certain individuals develop clinical symptoms (e.g., physical, neurological) within certain environmental contexts." It is an example of how politicians more readily support trivial expressions of a concern, but do not face their responsibilities once they are mandated to do so.
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Grier R. Ontario Minister of Health Ruth Grier ignores history, offers position on Committee that is invisibilizing history, needs and rights of persons with sensitivities behind debate about "environmental medicine".; 1994.
Ms Grier, whose commitment to people cannot be questioned, was nonetheless not able to differentiate between the legitimate but separate debate about environmental medicine and the actual history, rights and needs of persons with sensitivities.
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