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Phinney B. Liberal Beth Phinney thanks Brown for testimony before Task Force on Disability.; 1991.
Once elected in 1993, Liberal MP's abandoned protections that had been encouraged under the Mulroney government. The people who were supposed to be protected are being injured or killed, instead. This letter is another indication of the lack of integrity of political parties, whether that lack of integrity results from deceit or a lack of corporate memory. Certainly the supportive attitude in this letter was not carried forward by Liberals during the Chretien and Paul Martin years. Several political assistants and some Members in Ontario and federally have stated that they will not address a concern if it involves acknowledging that members of their party have made mistakes that have contributed to deaths. One wonders how that position jives with their responsibility to children and other vulnerable persons who are being excluded, injured or killed because they have abandoned, implemented or remained silent about government policies.
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Phinney B. Liberal Disabilities Critic Beth Phinney thanks Brown for testimony, invites submission to Liberal Task Force.; 1991.
Liberals were helpful in forwarding human rights concerns related to persons with sensitivities until they were elected to office in 1993. Then, they abandoned protections Health Canada had been encouraging, partly at their behest. The people who were supposed to be protected are being injured or killed, instead.
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Phinney B. Liberal disabled persons critic Beth Phinney includes health critic Rey Pagtakhan in discussion of issues.; 1991.
Phinney brings Pagtakhan into the dicussion. Pagtakhan was a physician who had diagnosed a child with sensitivities using the method of diagnosis that was publicly insured in all provinces.
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Phinney B. MP Beth Phinney outlines objectives of Liberal Task Force on Disabilities.; 1991.
The Liberals pressed for the protection of persons with sensitivities then, once in power, abandoned the protections Health Canada was encouraging.
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Phinney B. Liberal MP Beth Phinney writes again, naming (unrelated) deficiencies of Mulroney's ministers and asking for support.; 1992.
Phinney expressed great concern for persons with sensitivities, though she never really understood the issues. She ignored the issue once her party was in government and a series of health ministers abandoned protections Mulroney's government had been encouraging. She was a good example of an opposition noisemaker who betrays people she relied on for support once her party is in power.
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