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Hamilton E. Elizabeth Hamilton writes Quebec Environment Minister.; 1991.
Persons with sensitivities across Canada are quite regularly subjected to criminal assaults from which they are denied protections normally available to the public.
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Hamilton E. How long will we have to wait before pesticides are banned?. 1991.
People with sensitivities are assaulted regularly while public health officials across Canada lie about the prevalence, history, rights of persons with sensitivities.
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Hamilton E. Letter to Gazette Editor from Elizabeth Hamilton.. 1991.
Persons with sensitivities are not protected from criminal assaults or injuries under s.217.1 of the Criminal Code.`
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Hamilton E. Letter to Editor - compares doctors of environmental medicine to Ignaz Semmelweis.. 1992.
Many physicians respond to concerns about the abuse of persons with sensitivities the way many of them responded when told to wash their hands, and with similar consequences.
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Hamilton E. Letter to Editor - Keep an open mind.. 1992.
When Health and Welfare organized a conference to address abusive attitudes concerning CNS reactors, journalists pounced on the department for being biased, manifesting the very attitudes Health and Welfare had addressed in a 1990 conference and the Thomson report had addressed seven years earlier!
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Hamilton E. Mystery Illness not so Mysterious.; 1992.
This articulate consumer describes the knowledge held by many authorities, as provincial health officials contribute to the exclusion, injury and deaths of persons with sensitivities.
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Hamilton E. Canadians for Alternatives to Pesticides.. 1994.
People with sensitivities are often the first to show the adverse effects of pollution.
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Hamilton E. Can't you care enough to stop the poisoning?. 1995.
When preventable harm occurs because of attitudes, it is usually a result of misconceptions. In 1995, Health Canada officials were lying about work they had done prior to the 1993 election and, more importantly, they were lying about possessing the information on which that work was based.
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