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S. Abbey, Canadian Psychiatric Association's Susan Abbey acknowledges receipt of concern, says CPA will be addressing it.. 1991.
The CPA has ignored more than a century of literature about persons with central nervous system dysfunction that is caused or exacerbated by environmental sensitivities. Mapping prevalence against suicide statistics suggests that there is one Canadian suicide per day of such a person, after they have been ploughed under by attitudes Health and Welfare was once addressing.
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S. Abbey, CPA Susan Abbey begs off meeting, says issue will be dealt with by CPA. 1991.
Susan Abbey has contributed to the killing of thousands of Canadians with sensitivities by arbitrarily deciding that psychological sequelae of sensitivities are instead the cause of the problem. The CPA has published her arbitrary statements without including information that would "completely refute" the damaging allegations she forwards, even while the CPA has been in possession of that information.
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S. Abbey and Brown, C., Susan Abbey invisibilizes physicians' abuse and killing of persons with sensitivities in health care, 1993.
The Ontario Medical Review published several articles that trivialize the issues facing persons with sensitivities. Susan Abbey's 1993 article in the Ontario Medical Review was one of the worst, but not the only article she published that overtly encouraged the abuse of persons with sensitivities, that confused psychiatric sequelea with cause without providing data. It is amazing that such irresponsible and hateful persons have maintained credibility amongst their peers for so long, and in the face of hundreds of years of literature not to mention concerns expressed by human rights officials and generations of consumers! The OMA's irresponsibility in continuing to publish what amounts to hate literature must also be mentioned. By 1993, I had given up on approaching the bigots at the Ontario Medical Review and instead wrote the attached letter to the provincial coroner. It is ironic that, at the same time the OMR was invisibilizing the daily killing of persons with sensitivities by physicians, and trivializing associated needs, the OMA's ethics staff member, John Krauser, was helping us address attitudes in the Ontario government! Krauser mysteriously left the OMA in the late 1990's, shortly after he convinced the OMA's representative to the Ministry of Education to include sensitivities in assessments of learning and behavioural disabilities (as was already being done by several school boards).
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