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Young J. Ontario Chief Coroner acknowledges receipt of information, writes Ontario Ministry of Health a second letter asking what they are doing.; 1991.
Ross Bennett, former Chief Coroner, had written to the DM's of Health, Social Services and Housing, concerning the suicide of a person with sensitivities who had been denied welfare on the basis of a scandalous paper by Toronto psychiatrist Donna Stewart and a medical adjudicator who never examined the applicant. This letter had resulted in a clarification of policies at the Ministry of Community and Social Services, but no response had been received from the Ministry of Health. Ministry of Health officials were continuing to lie about the fact that the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental Hypersensitivity Disorders had identified an existing, publicly insured method of diagnosis. The Ministry was eclipsing the actual history of sensitivities behind debate about the recent ideas of so-called "doctors of environmental medicine." Meanwhile, persons with sensitivities were being unnecessarily killed in the health care system, and excluded and injured there and elsewhere. It was not known whether the Ministry of Health ever responded to Young's letter.
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Young J. Ontario Coroner James Young sends copy of letter sent to DM of Health.; 1991.
The previous Chief Coroner, Ross Bennett, wrote to three provincial DM's concerning attitudes towards persons with sensitivities. Bennett sent copies of his letters to help us apply pressure to Ontario government. When there was no coherent response from the Ontario Ministry of Health, Chief Coroner James Young wrote to the Deputy Minister of Health.
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