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Walker D. MP David Walker asks Health Minister Perrin Beatty to address public attitudes.; 1990.
Walker and his staff were very helpful until the Liberals were elected to government. He had a firm grasp of the human rights issues, but did not know the history of sensitivities except for the controversy around the cult of environmental medicine. He understood that, for persons with sensitivities, attitudinal pollution was more important than pollution itself.
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Walker D. MP David Walker misses boat on existing diagnostic method, calls for action while moving issue backwards.; 1991.
David Walker was usually very helpful. Unfortunately, in this letter he has absorbed one of Health and Welfare's many mis-statements, that there was not a method of diagnosis. In fact, as the 1985 Ontario Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental Hypersensitivity Disorders (note plural) identified, there has been a publicly insured method of diagnosis since there has been public health insurance in Canada. His letter demonstates how difficult it is to get real help even from people who want to help when targets are putting out disinformation, in this case that there was not, already, a publicly insured method of diagnosis.
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