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J. Manley, BILL C-340 - An Act relating to indoor air quality. 1990.
Like Copps and Caccia, David Walker and others, John Manley was great while in opposition, disappeared when elected to government. People who were to be protected by measures PC's implemented and Liberals and NDPers pushed for were abandoned once Liberals were elected to government. The people who were supposed to be protected are being injured or killed, instead.
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J. Manley, MP John Manley criticises Mulroney government for inaction. 1990.
John Manley was quick to criticize Mulroney's government for not acting when it was actually working to protect persons with sensitivities from being caused preventable harm. When Manley's party got into office, they threw out the work the health department was doing, and so the people who were supposed to be protected are being injured or killed, instead. Manley literally turned his back on complaints that public officials under Chretien were lying about the work that had been done previously, and about possessing the legally obligating knowledge on which that work was based. See
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J. Manley, MP John Manley suggests health minister Bouchard address CNS reactors. 1991.
Manley was helpful while in opposition, but helped to invisibilize the injury and killing of persons with sensitivities once in government. See video at
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