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protected. Brother of suicide victim sends thanks.; 1989.
When authorities tell a family that their son is a malinger, some family members become impatient with that person. This young man's brother shot himself after being rejected for workplace accommodation, after his family was not supportive, and after being turned down for social assistance benefits on the basis of scurrilous work by Donna Stewart and Joel Raskin. (A copy of their hateful 1985 CMAJ article was found in his MCSS file.) This was one thank you I wish there was no reason for! It is ironic that the family was first connected with me by Alex Saunders, of the CPA. He was helpful until a "Scientific Committee" of the CPA decided there was no reason to protect persons whose CNS dysfunction is caused or exacerbated by sensitivities. These "science" oriented charlatans forwarded two negative articles, ignoring hundreds of supportive articles, and set the CPA on a course of ploughing under persons with CNS reactions. Mapping prevalence against suicide rates suggests that one or two people they plough under suicides every day.
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protected. Patient pleads with Ont Health DM Michael Decter.; 1990.
Patient explains some of the ways that persons with sensitivities are denied health care.
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protected. Suicide victim's brother describes anguish.; 1990.
While Ontario health authorities promulgate hateful misconceptions, patients are suiciding, and families are left with the anguish. This note provides an intimate look at the effects of belligerent bureaucrats and physicians on the public.
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protected. Consumer writes Ontario health DM Michael Decter asking for implementation of Thomson recommendations.; 1992.
In 1987, Ontario consumers passed a resolution asking Ontario Health Minister Murray Elston to implment any six of the recommendations of the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental Hypersensitivity Disorders (note plural). In 1992, none had been implemented, as persons with diagnosed sensitivities continued to be denied services and endure abuse, and as persons with undiagnosed sensitivities continued to be unnecessarily killed in health care.
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protected. Quebec consumer asks Quebec Minister of Health for help in addressing pesticide concerns.; 1992.
Good, brief outline of health issues concerning pesticides.
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