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Catley-Carlson M. HWC DM Margaret Catley Carlson ignores concerns sent to her, notifies of meeting, promises adequate action.; 1989.
After tremendous pressure from many MP's, the CC of the CHRC, and the community, Health and Welfare agreed to bring the organizations together to chart a course of action. There is no longer any question about recognizing the sickness of persons with sensitivities, although the theories of clinical ecologists still fly in the face of reality, and their practices continue to be unethical (selling medicines they prescribed, for instance).
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Catley-Carlson M. HWC DM Margaret Catley-Carlson describes planning meeting to move things forward.; 1989.
Finally the organizations representing persons with sensitivities were going to be invited to describe their concerns! However, they forwarded the concerns of the cult of environmental medicine, instead of reminding Health and Welfare that there was an existing publicly insured means of diagnosis, and that our history and the literature went back more than a century.
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Catley-Carlson M. HWC DM acknowledges effects of chemicals on brain, ignores centuries of literature about sensitivities.; 1990.
Health Canada was working to protect persons with sensitivities and had, by this point, identified attitudes in medicine as a problem. However, management in the department was still focusing on debate about the ideas of doctors of environmental medicine instead of looking at more than a hundred years of supportive science and clinical experience with sensitivities affecting the central nervous system. Some of this experience was detailed in the bibliography of "Healthy Environments for Canadians" (1987), in Eugene Garfield's excellent 1985 literature review, and in references provided by Ashford and Miller. The fact that the concern had become associated with the smoetimes whacko and unethical ideas and practices of doctors of environmental medicine was (and is) a huge distraction.
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