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P. Beatty, Health Minister Beatty responds to petition about food labelling. 1990.
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P. Beatty, Health Minister Perrin Beatty responds to concerns of person made sick by pesticides. 1990.
In the case of pesticides affecting health, there is not necessarily the repeated, controlled circumstances of a person reporting sensitivities. The same arguments that apply to persons with sensitivities do not apply when arguing about the onset of sensitivities. i.e. human rights and clinical ethics require us not to subject persons who experience repeatable controllable circumstances to a reverse onus, but identifying a one-off exposure as the cause of developing sensitivities is more complicated.
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P. Beatty, HWC Minister Perrin Beatty announces intention to distribute Ashford and Miller recommendation. 1990.
Ashford and Miller recommended that, in ambiguous cases it is important to rule out sensitivities before administering treatments that could be harmful to a person with sensitivities and before labelling a patient in such a way as to make it difficult for them to obtain reasonable accommodation for disabling sensitivities.
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P. Beatty, HWC Minister Perrin Beatty describes "considerable activity". 1990.
Thanks to Bruce Halliday, MP, and many others, Perrin Beatty acted on the position first supported by Jake Epp, and instructed Health and Welfare to address attitude problems that were (and now again are) contributing to the unnecessary injury and killing of persons with sensitivities in health care.
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P. Beatty, HWC Minister Perrin Beatty supports Ashford and Miller recommendation. 1990.
Ashford and Miller recommended that, in ambiguous cases, where symptoms could be caused by sensitivities or by some other factor, sensitivities should be ruled out before subjecting the patient to treatments that could be injurious to persons disabled by sensitivities, and labelling that could interfere with their ability to get reasonable accommodation.
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