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H. Danson, Ontario Ministry of Health Howard Danson repeats official dodge, ignores preventable harm, asks for discussion paper.. 1989.
At this point, the Psychiatric Hospitals Branch is surely criminally negligent for ignoring their duty of care to vulnerable persons. The issue of under-diagnosis of persons with CNS problems resulting from sensitivities is dodged by Kaufman and Danson, by others in the Ministry, even as persons with undiagnosed CNS reactions are suiciding at a projected rate of more than two a week.
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H. Danson, Ministry of Health Howard Danson passes on a different question than the one asked. 1990.
Danson had been asked to ensure that persons whose central nervous system dysfunction is caused or exacerbated by environmental sensitivities were identified, given proper care, and protected from treatments that could injure of kill them. Instead of asking the question he was asked, he reframed the discussion to avoid issues of ongoing abuse, and attitudes concerning persons with CNS problems caused or exacerbated by sensitivities. His reframing appears to have been worked out in conjunction with the abusers about whom he had been approached, so as to give them a way of answering that avoided issues related to the ten percent of Ontario suicides that result from psychiatrists ploughing under such patients.
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H. Danson, Ontario Ministry of Health Howard Danson responds to concerns about undiagnosed CNS reactors by adopting the position of abusers. 1990.
Several persons, including a public servant and an MPP asked the Psychiatric Hospitals Branch if they were properly identifying persons whose psych problems were caused or exacerbated by environmental sensitivities. The response was less than responsible. Gail Waller, Peter Finkle, Howard Danson and Jay Kaufman did nothing except to adopt the position of the abusers! Mapping prevalence against suicide statistics indicates there have been thousands of suicides of people who were ploughed under by attitudes these parties encouraged.
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H. Danson, Ontario Ministry of Health refuses to address issues raised, suggests meeting with public servants who were lying. 1991.
While the federal health department was working to reduce the exclusion, injury and killing of persons with sensitivities in health care, Ontario Ministry of Health officials continued to lie about the availability of a publicly insured method of diagnosis, and about whether patients were being appropriately assessed for sensitivity before having things done to them which, if their problems were caused by sensitivities, would adversely affect them.
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