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Q. Rae-Grant, Canadian Psychiatric Association acknowledges input. 1989.
The CPA referred a consumer to me in early 1989. By June, he had suicided, ploughed under by hostile attitudes in health care and social services.
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Q. Rae-Grant, CPA Quentin Rae-Grant thanks Brown for input that was ignored as psychiatrists continued to contribute to deaths. 1989.
The CPA at first expressed a keen interest, but when it became apparent that psychiatrists' held on to abusive misconceptions, CPA representatives adopted a practise of subjecting persons with sensitivities to a reverse onus, lying about the existence of supportive science, and frustrating honest discussion.
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Q. Rae-Grant, CPA ignores three hundred years of history, medical literature, clinical ethics and their duty of care to children. 1990.
Tragically, the CPA pretends that the effects of sensitivities on the central nervous system is a new idea, and ignores the existence of a legally obligating, publicly insured method of diagnosis. They ignore sources as famous as the classic textbook on mental health written by the Father of American psychiatry, Benjamin Rush. They ignore the 1985 literature review by Garfield. And they ignore professional ethics and human decency.
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