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A. Warren, Brown nominated by District Health Council for "Healthy Innovators" award. 1990.
7. Briefly describe how you know of the person or organization you want to nominate. Mr. Brown has been known to the District Health Council since 1986 when, to draw attention to the plight of citizens suffering from environmental hypersensitivity, he lodged a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission against the DHC, on the basis that the DHC had failed to plan services for such citizens. Since 1989 Mr. Brown and Council have worked together constructively, to raise the level of understanding of the environmental hypersensitivity problemo 8. Describe one innovation that relates to health for which that person or organization is responsible. The approach adopted by Mr. Brown (as noted in #7 above) was in itself "innovative. 1t He has worked diligently to research and draw attention to the negative health effects of environmental hypersensitivity, and to prompt enquiry into the means of identifying the chemical origin of perceived psychiatric problems in the population.
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T. Legault, Frazee, C., Warren, A., and Brown, C., OHRC Brown and Ottawa Carleton District Health Council resolve complaint amicably. 1990.
Many health and other service providers were subjecting persons with sensitivities to adverse differential treatment in the 1980's. I chose to complain about the District Health Council because 1)if you can't get into planning where can you get in? and 2) they were a group of people representing the community, rather than one of many discriminating agencies. Al Warren, Executive Director at the DHC, understood the local planning issues and invited a process toward an amicable resolution of the complaint. Therese Legault, in the OHRC Ottawa office, was very helpful. The promised conference took place in just over a year. The inclusion in local health planning never happened. The commitment the DHC made before the OHRC to include the needs of persons with sensitivities was never kept or enforced.
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