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Lowans E. Ed Lowans on Environmental Construction Issues. THE ENVIRONMENTAL CONSTRUCTION NETWORK; 1988.
Tips for housing construction for persons with sensitivities.
PDF icon lowensenvironmentalconstructionconsiderations1988ocr.pdf (247.55 KB)
Lowans E. HEF President Ed Lowans asks to know HWC Epp's position on issues raised by Brown.; 1988.
There was a large community of input to Jake Epp on the issues as they had emerged from the involvement of many parties. Lowans supported the community of people who were asking Jake Epp to address those issues and wanted to know, for HEF members, of the health minister's opinion and or action.
PDF icon HEFlowansasksHWCeppaboutissuesbrownexpressed1988ocr.pdf (58.71 KB)
Lowans E. HEF President Ed Lowans to Brown asking for specifics about abuse.; 1988.
The executive members of non government organizations tend to be comparatively well off, and focused issues such as workplace accommodation, or having extensive testing paid for by OHIP. Lowans was not blind to the abuse issues, but chose a path of "next best step" instead of insisting that authorities address the most serious abuses immediately.
PDF icon HEFlowansonactivitiesissues.pdf (72.85 KB)
Lowans E. AEHA Ed Lowans protects cult of environmenal medicine from branch presidents.; 1990.
Branch presidents, close to the membership, were often frustrated by a national executive that was constantly manipulated or sabotaged by clinical ecologists. Most members did not see clinical ecologists for treatment, but the ecologists saw patients primarily as a political force to vouch for their whacko theories, and their dangerous and unethical practices. Those who tried to strike a balance ended up compromised. Eventually all but bona fide members of the cult of environmental medicine stayed in leadership positions in AEHA.
PDF icon aehaprotectscultofenvironmentalmedicineagainstbranchpresidents1990ocr.pdf (119.67 KB)
Lowans E. AEHA Ed Lowans to Toronto Branch concerning ongoing nonsense.; 1991.
The National Board of HEF and the National and Ontario boards of AEHA were among the most dysfunctional groups I have witnessed in three decades of involvement with NGO's. Eventually, everyone who did not subscribe to the arbitrary ideas and meddling of doctors of environmental medicine left elected positions with AEHA, and HEF was effectively disbanded.
PDF icon AEHAlowanstolepper1991ocr.pdf (101.61 KB)
Lowans E. A Resource Guide to Clean Housing (draft).; 1992.
Tips on how to accommodate sensitivities in residential construction, maintenance.
PDF icon edlowanshousingguidedraft1992ocr.pdf (1.47 MB)