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J. Dwyer, CHRC Policy Advisor John Dwyer describes potential complainant's situation. 1988.
This public servant was one of many who had to take their cases to their unions, to human rights, to the political level, due to attitudes in Health and Welfare and (consequently?) the public service.
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J. Dwyer, CHRC John Dwyer passes on complaints about complaint department to complaints head Glenys Parry. 1989.
Complaints officers with the Canadian Human Rights Commission seemed to be finding whatever excuses they could to turn away complaints from persons with sensitivities. Only once Denise Ommanney, Max Yalden, John Dwyer, Start Beaty became involved was there an appreciation of the concept of "reverse onus" at the CHRC. Comprehension of this basic principle of human rights law was apparently lost to the CHRC when those persons left.
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J. Dwyer, CHRC John Dwyer records Brown pushing for inclusion of Ed Lowans in discussion. 1989.
I thought I could trust Ed Lowans to take a human rights approach, and I understood that he could see how clinical ecologists were a millstone around our necks, so I pressed for his involvement. I knew that Health and Welfare did not want to deal with the reality of how many people they were killing, and that consequently they would not invite me to the meetings.
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