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Yalden M. CHRC Max Yalden writes Health Minister Jake Epp encouraging action.; 1988.
"It is my understanding that environmental hypersensitivity is a true medical problem, and that we owe it to people who have the misfortune to suffer from this syndrome to be more public and more positive in acknowledging that fact. Aa you know, Mr. Brown recently brought his concerns to the Standing Committee on National Health and Welfare, where he received a sympathetic hearing (HC Issue No. 48, May 26, 1988). On that occasion, he expressed the hope that the Health Minister would state publicly that he is sympathetic to the plight of those who suffer from environmental hypersensitivity and considers their concerns legitimate. My purpose in writing to you is simply to let your know that we consider this request a reasonable· one and that anything your department can do to increase public awareness of the legitimate concerns of people like Mr. Brown would, in our view, be most useful."
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Yalden M. CHRC Max Yalden backs off from addressing hatefulness at Canadian Press.; 1989.
Canadian press environmental reporter Dennis Bueckert was absolutely incapable of self analysis concerning myths he held about environmental sensitivities. He had his own ideas, and reality, as declared by government reports, human rights commissioners' statements, and three hundred years of literature was not going to change them. However, when a senior official with the CHRC tried to explain to Canadian Press how they were off base and causing harm, Deputy Bureau Chief Mario Possamai felt that indulging reporters' whims was more important than the human rights and security of people in their stories! Yalden was wise to bow out rather than aggravate the hatefulness of Canadian Press journalists and management.
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Yalden M. CHRC Max Yalden states that sensitivities are a legitimate problem.; 1990.
While CHRC staff were encouraging physicians to subject patients to a reverse onus, contrary to the ethical guidelines of the Canadian Medical Association, five senior officials, including Yalden, were trying to protect the human rights of persons with sensitivities. Once Yalden was replaced by Michelle Falardeau Ramsay, every one of the supportive senior policy persons left the CHRC, and the bigotry and abusiveness of Commission middle management reasserted themselves. Since Yalden left the commission, more than 50,000 Canadians with undiagnosed sensitivities have been unnecessarily killed in health care.
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