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Caccia C. MP Charles Caccia forwards Brown's concerns to HWC Perrin Beatty.; 1989.
Caccia asks Beatty's opinion on specific recommendations.
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Caccia C. MP Charles Caccia writes HWC Perrin Beatty forwarding Brown's suggestionns.; 1989.
Caccia helped until it was obvious that the Chretien cabinet was not supportive of protections that had been encouraged under the previous government. Then, once Marleau and others had taken a stand, Caccia and others who had been helpful while in opposition remained silent.
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Caccia C. MP Charles Caccia asks Health Minister Beatty about Ashford and Miller caution.; 1990.
Ashford and Miller warned that it is important to rule out sensitivities in patients where symptoms might be caused by sensitivities or by something else before subjecting the patient to treatments that might harm a person with sensitivities.
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Caccia C. MP Charles Caccia asks Public Works Minister Elmer Mackay to include sensitivities in accessibility planning.; 1990.
Public Works, Justice and Treasury Board have decided to finally come to make federal buildings accessible to persons disabled by environmental sensitivities at least a dozen times since 1990. Each time policies are implemented inconsistently across departments, and eventually "forgotten." Public servants health, careers and families have been adversely affected by hatefulness in this area, and sabotaged by bigotry in CHRC managers, staff and commissioners after Max Yalden.
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Caccia C. MP Charles Caccia asks Public Works minister if government buildings will accommodate persons with environmental sensitivities.; 1990.
Public servants were being blocked from advancement, excluded from jobs, having their careers ruined, and consequently losing their families, because Health and Welfare officials were dismissing their sensitivities on the inane basis of handwriting analysis and other bizarre and unethical methods. Because the medical profession was and is invisibilizing the unnecessary killing of patients with sensitivities in health care, it was necessary to approach the issue by asking non-medical entities for reasonable accommodation under human rights laws. Bonnie Cham, the Chair of the Ethics Committee of the Canadian Medical Association in 2009 is still invisibilizing the contribution of CMA members to the daily unnecessary killing of Canadians with undiagnosed sensitivities in health care.
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Caccia C. MP Charles Caccia writes Canadian Psychiatric Association about CNS reactors.; 1990.
Psychiatrists and gastroenterologists may kill the greatest numbers of persons with sensitivities. Those who were approaching Health and Welfare in the early 1990's agreed with Ashford and Miller that special attention was needed to protect persons whose central nervous system dysfunction is caused or exacerbated by sensitivities. The CPA found two negative articles, ignored supportive science and clinical experience dating back more than a hundred years, and still, despite approaches from others including Health Canada, hatefully encourages its members to lethally abuse patients in this group.
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Caccia C. MP Charles Caccia writes the Canadian Medical Association about physicians responsibilities concerning preventable harm.; 1990.
With the exception of two letters clarifying the fact that the CMA has never expressed scepticism about the health complaint of persons with sensitivities, the CMA has remained silent as its members contribute to the daily killing of Canadians with undiagnosed sensitivities.
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Caccia C. Charles Caccia, MP, writes HWC about persons whose psychiatric problems are caused or exacerbated by sensitivities.; 1991.
Caccia's assistant Glen Okrainitz, was very helpful, and Caccia asked a question in the House (21 Sept 1988). Caccia continued to press Health and Welfare to protect persons with sensitivities from abuses in health care, this letter being another example.
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Caccia C. Caccia to HWC Benoit Bouchard on misdiagnosis of CNS reactors.; 1992.
I would like to urge you again to develop and put in place a system for psychiatric screening that will prevent the abuse of the rights of individuals wrongfully incarcerated in mental institutions because they are mis-diagnosed. At the same time, individuals already in custody should be given reviews to determine if their mental illness derives from environmental sensitivities. The Allergy and Environmental Health Association has provided your Department with case histories of individuals who have been treated for the wrong illness because the symptoms they exhibit were mistakenly identified as being linked to a mental rather than physical disorder. There could be many more such people in federal and provincial penal and psychiatric institutions.
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