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Krauser J. Ontario Medical Association offers help to Premier Peterson's Office (at consumers' request).; 1988.
Krauser points out that the position forwarded by OMA committee supporting consumers' experience and consequent needs as well as calling for more research was adopted by the OMA. I had complained to Peterson's office that Elston's office and, more particularly, Ministry of Health officials, were misrepresenting the position of "organized medicine." Again and again, concern about the approaches of doctors of environmental medicine were misrepresented as reason to question the patient's experience and rights.
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Krauser J. OMA Associate Director John Krauser circulates consciousness raising article for comment.; 1989.
Krauser was trying to help physicians understand that the consequence of dismissing sensitivities as psychosomatic is not just hurt feelings, or embarrassment. It made obtaining much needed reasonable accommodation, even in cost-positive situations, impossible. Bill Mahoney and a few other OMA types tried to help.
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Krauser J. OMA conspires to help address attitudes in the Ontario government.; 1989.
OMA Associate Director, Dept of Health Policy, John Krauser, conspired with persons with sensitivities in approaches to the Ontario Ministry of Health, the Ontario Ministry of Education, Premier Peterson's office, the OHRC, the Chief Coroner's office and Ontario MPP's. Still, government officials and journalists told the public that sensitivities were not "recognized" by organized medicine. (In fact, of course, what was not recognized in organized medicine (or by any other thinking people) was the disease model put forward by clinical ecology, not the sickness of patients!
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Krauser J. OMA John Krauser continues to collaborate, sending info to NDP Health Critic David Reville and to provincial coroner.; 1989.
Krauser, at the OMA, was helping for years. At the same time, the deluded freaks in the cult of environmental medicine were saying the OMA was against us, simply because they understood that the approaches of clinical ecologists were dangerous.
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Krauser J. OMA John Krauser proposes article to sensitize Ontario physicians.; 1991.
Krauser was helpful, over and over, in addressing the difference between debate about medical approaches vs protecting patients with a legitimate health complaint. Here, he is proposing an article to address physician attitudes. He had advised me that the reason for continued abusiveness in medicine was that physicians did not understand the full effects of being abusive. many physicians saw their labelling of patients as provoking hurt feelings and did not understand how they were contributing to exclusion, injury and deaths.
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Krauser J, Brown C. OMA proposes another OMR article to address attitudes, again leaves out serious consequences, Brown replies.; 1992.
OMR had published abusive article in 1991. This proposed article again eclipses the history of sensitivities behind controversy about the relatively recent ideas of "environmental medicine." Again, Brown replies to misconceptions and omissions in proposed article. Krauser, who repeatedly tried to get OMA people to address abusive attitudes, should not bear responsibility for the abusive attitudes. He was only a messenger who was trying his best to be helpful.
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