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Reville D. NDP MPP David Reville asks Brown what to do.; 1987.
Elie Martel had helped for years. David Reville understood the attitudes facing psych patients whose problems are caused or exacerbated by sensitivities. Unfortunately, he was not a member during the Bob Rae government.
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Reville D. Ontario NDP Health Critic David Reville suggests five action areas to Health Minister Caplan.; 1989.
Though supportive on the issues relating to pollution, Ontario NDPers never understood the actual history of persons with sensitivities as it is distinct from the revisionist history put forward by supporters of "environmental medicine." The suggested frame of action ignores daily abuse in health care. Reville was to speak out on this in the Legislature but once the NDP was in power their health ministers lied about the availability of a publicly insured method of diagnosis.
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Reville D. Ontario NDP Health Critic David Reville to Psychiatric Hospitals Branch.; 1989.
David Reville picked up the trail after Elie Martel left. Reville understood the basic human rights argument, but was new, didn't have the background Martel had developed--watching Ministry of Health officials lie with consequences for people Martel knew personally. Later, Martel explained Elston's initial trashing of the issue as most likely resulting from deceit, to Elston, by senior Ministry of Health officials who were startled by the more damning findings of the Thomson report. Reville: "I'd like you to reassure me that, in the provincial psychiatric hospitals under your jurisdiction, psychiatrists and other professional staff are aware of the disease and have reassured themselves that none of the patients in their charge are really suffering from environmental hypersensitivity and not from mental disorders."
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