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Mitchell M. Margaret Mitchell, MP, was first to invite sensitivities reps to Parliamentary Health Committee.; 1987.
Mitchell was among several MP's of all three parties who expressed concern about preventable harm being caused to persons with sensitivities. She helped after I had a chance conversation with Pauline Jewett. Unfortunately, at the time (and since) most NDP assistants and members, including my own member Michael Cassidy, were unable to differentiate between controversy about the theories of doctors of environmental medicine as distinct from the centuries-long history of persons with sensitivities. Well intentioned political assistants would bone up on our situation as described by doctors of environmental medicine and then charge forward on a mission that ignored warnings in government reports, invisibilized the group who had approached them, and moved the issues backwards!
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Mitchell M. MP Margaret Mitchell notes that health minister Jake Epp has moved forward, suggests awareness funding as possible next option.; 1988.
Mitchell had been helpful in bringing the concern to the Standing Committee on Health. Now, just five months later, she could see the change in how Epp was addressing the issue.
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