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Vezina M. Consumer and Corporate Affairs Minister Vezina invites discussions on product labelling.; 1986.
"Officials of my Department would be prepared to meet with representatives of your association to discuss labelling concerns and problems associated with specific product groups or products subject to the Acts and Regulations mentioned above."
PDF icon vezinaConsCorpsomeprotectionbutnotcomprehensive1986ocr.pdf (52.63 KB)
Vezina M. Minister Vezina answers questions about public servants' legal responsibilities.; 1987.PDF icon vezinarespondstoquestionsaboutlegalresponsibilityofpublicservants1987ocr.pdf (31.29 KB)
Vezina M. Vezina on damages caused by public servants violating departmental policy.; 1987.
During this period, Ministers were saying they were sympathetic while public servants were advocating the violation of peoples' legal rights. There was a marked contrast between the belligerence of most pubic service managers and the concern and awareness expressed at the Ministerial level in several departments.
PDF icon vezinarespondstoquestionsaboutlegalresponsibilityofpublicservants1987ocr.pdf (31.29 KB)