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Cassidy M. Cassidy writes Epp. Ottawa; 1987.
Other than Elie Martel, the NDP have pretended bleeding heart support of persons with sensitivities, while ignoring our history, subjecting people to a reverse onus, and accepting that physicians would do the same.
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Cassidy M. Michael Cassidy helps move the issues backwards. Ottawa; 1987.
Cassidy seems to ignore the fact that the Thomson report identified an existing, publicly insured method of diagnosing this problem he wants recognized, confuses recognition with receiving protections that are normally available to the public, which is what consumers were actually asking for.
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Cassidy M. MP Michael Cassidy asks HWC Jake Epp for recognition.; 1987.
Cassidy was like molasses on the issue. He was my own MP, but dozens of other MP's and cabinet ministers acted before him. He never did seem to grasp the ongoing preventable harm that was being discussed. Letter undated.
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Cassidy M. MP Cassidy writes Epp supporting Brown.; 1988.
Like many NDPers, Cassidy was mystified about the issues. He could not see the actual, long existing patient group for all the stereotypes and misconceptions in the media and public discussion generally. He was uncomfortable with implications concerning psychiatric medication. Sometimes the hardest people to reach are progressives who are on missions about related but different (and sometimes encroaching) concerns, in cases of the left hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.
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