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J. Davies, HWC Chronic Disease Epidemiologist John Davies has sensitivities, introduces long history. Ottawa, 1987.
This letter started a process by which I could confront Epp on the fact that he was not only misrepresenting the CMA, but also his own department's file manager on the subject. Davies had a long involvement, until he left the department in 1992 or 93. At one point he described HWC's decisions as "irresponsible and dangerous."
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J. Davies, HWC HPB John Davies, HWC chronic disease epidemiologist has sensitivities. 1987.
Davies was extremely helpful from 1988 until the 1993 election. Unfortunately, his departure from the department coincided with several other changes that resulted in a very abusive shift in policy.
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J. Davies, Chronic Diseases in Canada - Environmental Sensitivities (recommendations), Maladies chroniques au Canada - ATELIER SUR LES SENSIBILITÉS D'ORIGINE ENVIRONNEMENTALE. 1991.
Recommendations from 1990 workshop organized by Health and Welfare, including "Environmentally sensitive patients should not be dismissed as "neurotic", but receive respect and support."
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J. Davies, Agenda and Participants of Dec 1992 HWC workshop designed to begin the rescue of CNS reactors. 1992.
This conference was intended to begin the rescue of CNS reactors from abusive attitudes in health care. The work was abandoned after the 1993 election. Based on mapping prevalence against suicide statistices, there have been more than 7,000 suicides of undiagnosed CNS reactors since.
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J. Davies, Backgrounder provided to participants in Dec 1992 Health and Welfare workshop on sensitivities, 1992.
Nice quote from Marcel Proust on cover. Conference was intended to begin a process of rescuing CNS reactors from abuse health care.
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J. Davies, HWC backgrounder on environmental contaminants and environmental sensitivities, 1992.
Describes effects of pollution, including those experienced by persons with environmental sensitivities.
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