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Peterson D. Premier David Peterson acknowledges various letters, does nothing concerning ongoing preventable harm. Toronto: Government of Ontario; 1986.
Peterson consistently ignored questions about his health ministers allowing clearly untenable positions to continue, causing unnecessary injuries and deaths.
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Peterson D. Premier David Peterson promises Elston will address issues. Toronto: Government of Ontario; 1986.
Peterson says that his health minister, Murray Elston, will address issues raised. Of course, Elston and subsequent Peterson health ministers never address the issues!
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Peterson D. Premier Peterson ignores concerns about deceit in Ministry of Health, abuse of patients, unnecessary deaths, refers to study that was cancelled.; 1990.
Eventually we got the OMA to write to Peterson's office, he turned his back so many times on concerns about children and other vulnerable persons being killed in health care, deceit in the Ministry of Health about the existence of a publicly insured method of diagnosis, and the practise of his cabinet ministers of eclipsing the history of persons with sensitivities behind debate about the approaches of environmental medicine, a mistake proscribed by the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental Hypersensitivity Disorders that was received by health minister Murray Elston in the first year of the Peterson government. More than 40,000 Ontario residents with undiagnosed sensitivities have been unnecessarily killed in health care since.
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