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Rae B. Bob Rae claims to share concerns (while sabotaging them). Toronto; 1986.
Rae presses for full study when one has just been completed, claims to share concerns while his members (Elie Martel excluded) are sabotaging them, says MCSS claims have been refused without mentioning that several have been accepted.
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Rae B. NDP Leader Bob Rae refers to health critic MPP David Reville, says Shelley Martel helped one person.; 1988.
Many NDPers did not understand the difference between the actual history, of sensitivities as distinct from the revisionist version provided by doctors of environmental medicine. They would pitch in with enthusiasm and courage, but created log jams made of misconceptions.
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Rae B. Ontario NDP Leader Bob Rae alerts health and environment critics, invites continued input, but misses the point.; 1988.
Although they did not have the experience on the issue had by Elie Martel, Rae's New Democrats acted to help people who were claiming their health problems resulted from pollution. However, in the process, they eclipsed the history of persons with sensitivities, they refused to call Elston and subsequent Liberal health ministers on their misrepresentation of the findings of the Thomson committee, and their perversion of its messages by constantly referring to a compendium of disorders, with centuries of clinical experience, as the single new disease concept described by doctors of environmental medicine. The Ontario government is still invisibilizing its liability for daily unnecessary deaths and other abuses by imposing a legitimate but separate debate about environmental medicine.
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Rae B. Ontario NDP Leader Bob Rae invites input after receiving input that is not acted on.; 1988.
Bob Rae's people could not acknowledge their own confusion about sensitivities, about there being a compendium of disorders, about there being an existing, publicly insured method of diagnosis. They'd make repeated expressions of support, but ignore huge contradictions in Peterson's ministers.
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Rae B. Premier Bob Rae invisibilizes existing, publicly insured method of diagnosis, refers complaints about deceit his ministers are not addressing elsewhere..; 1991.
While some Ministers were very helpful, Bob Rae and his Ministers of Health misrepresented the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental Hypersensitivity Disorders (note plural), pretending that it had not identified an existing, publicly insured method of diagnosis. He and his health ministers continued to subject persons with sensitivities, who experience repeatable, controllable circumstances, to a reverse onus, contrary to social traditions, ethics and law. More than thirty-thousand people with sensitivities have been unnecessarily killed in Ontario health care since.
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