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E. Somers, HWC Environmental Health Directorate (first page only). Ottawa, 1986.
Somers notes HWC's April, 1986 review of Thomson report, notes chemicals often involved, misrepresents basis of Thomson report's recommendation, ignores ongoing preventable harm, unethical conduct in medicine, says Health Protection Branch should be involved.
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E. Somers, HWC Environmental Health Directorate reviews Thomson Report. Ottawa, 1986.
Environmental Health Directorate claims to have "addressed satisfactorily" the issues, "particularly when specific problems such as indoor air quality, and exposure to tobacco smoke were involved." Author then shucks off responsibility to LCDC, where Chronic Disease Epidemiologist John Davies became file manager. ironically, Davies had sensitivities and was familiar with a long history that I had not known, and that his department was ignoring.
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E. Somers, HWC Environmental Health Somers Reviews Thomson. Ottawa, 1986.
HWC notes some action, responsibility, ignores other responsibilities, including ones where there is a legal duty of care.
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E. Somers, HWC Somers to Liston HPB. Ottawa, 1987.
Somers writes that no changes have been made under OHIP, while leaving out the fact that, as Thomson's panel identified, OHIP already insured a method of diagnosis! She ignores the fact that Thomson's panel looked into hypersensitivity "disorders" (note plural). She ignores the history of sensitivities as known to Davies and others in Health and Welfare. She is conforming to the artificial debate abusers use when subjecting persons with sensitivities to a reverse onus, excluding, injuring or killing them.
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E. Somers, Somers characterizes, misrepresents. Ottawa, 1987.
Zommerman characterized as making few positive recommendations, but few positives that Zimmerman made are violated by tone and specifics of this memo. Responsibilities for pharmaceuticals missing, duty of care to children and other vulnerable persons missing. Does acknowledge and recommend action in several areas.
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