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E. Gigantes, Gigantes to Brown. Toronto, 1986.
Gigantes expresses personal sympathy wile ignoring ongoing preventable harm being caused by government.
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E. Gigantes, Gigantes to Elston. Toronto, 1986.
Evelyn Gigantes writes to health minister, fails to mention key support from Thomson report, portrays sensitivities as a new issue.
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E. Gigantes, Dilettante Minister of Health Evelyn Gigantes promises new approach, ignores deceit by her staff about existence of publicly insured method of diagnosis, abuse and killing of patients in health care. 1991.
Gigantes was afraid to address concerns about the ongoing abuse and killing of persons with sensitivities in health care, or the dishonesty in her officials that sustained it, and so she cravenly skirted around the concern, feigning support while betraying people to their deaths. Her staff lied about the availability of a publicly insured method of diagnosis, lied about the fact that this method was clearly identified in the Ministry of Health's 1985 Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental Hypersensitivity Disorders (see second attachment), and confused criticism of clinical ecology in the 1986 Zimmerman report as being scepticism about the legitimacy of the health complaint. Since Gigantes turned her back while feigning support, more than 30,000 persons with sensitivities have been unnecessarily killed in Ontario health care, or have suicided after being ploughed under by hateful attitudes that were encouraged by her equivocation and by her officials' deceit.
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