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Fecteau D. CHRC Fecteau misrepresents CHRC complaint, recommends rejection. Brown C, editor. Ottawa: CHRC; 1985.
CHRC Diane Fecteau provides revisionist summary of my complaint demanding accommodation in the provision of regulations concerning pesticide labelling, as recommended by Health and Welfare and implemented by Agriculture Canada. Fecteau's dismissive summary decides that the complaint, which is clearly about labelling, quotes labelling section of pest control act, is actually about usage and therefore a provincial, not a federal, concern. In a related matter, probably 200,000 Canadians have been killed unnecessarily in health care since Fecteau and her colleagues unprofessionally interfered with this complaint.
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Brown C. Brown to CHRC Lafreniere protesting dishonest summary. CHRC, editor. Ottawa; 1986.
Despite repeated attempts, I was unable to get CHRC staff to acknowledge that my complaint was about pesticide labelling rather than usage.
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Ventura C. CHRC documents Health Canada hurtfully confusing clinical ecology and sensitivities..; 1988.
CHRC Policy Analyst documents HWC confusing medical scepticism about the methods of clinical ecology with the reality of sensitivities as they have been known to medicine for centuries. The long history and broad awareness is eclipsed behind a pretence, by doctors of environmental medicine, that they discovered the whole field in the 1950's.
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Yalden M. CHRC Max Yalden writes Health Minister Jake Epp encouraging action.; 1988.
"It is my understanding that environmental hypersensitivity is a true medical problem, and that we owe it to people who have the misfortune to suffer from this syndrome to be more public and more positive in acknowledging that fact. Aa you know, Mr. Brown recently brought his concerns to the Standing Committee on National Health and Welfare, where he received a sympathetic hearing (HC Issue No. 48, May 26, 1988). On that occasion, he expressed the hope that the Health Minister would state publicly that he is sympathetic to the plight of those who suffer from environmental hypersensitivity and considers their concerns legitimate. My purpose in writing to you is simply to let your know that we consider this request a reasonable· one and that anything your department can do to increase public awareness of the legitimate concerns of people like Mr. Brown would, in our view, be most useful."
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Dwyer J. CHRC Policy Advisor John Dwyer describes potential complainant's situation.; 1988.
This public servant was one of many who had to take their cases to their unions, to human rights, to the political level, due to attitudes in Health and Welfare and (consequently?) the public service.
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