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Fecteau D. CHRC Fecteau misrepresents CHRC complaint, recommends rejection. Brown C, editor. Ottawa: CHRC; 1985.
CHRC Diane Fecteau provides revisionist summary of my complaint demanding accommodation in the provision of regulations concerning pesticide labelling, as recommended by Health and Welfare and implemented by Agriculture Canada. Fecteau's dismissive summary decides that the complaint, which is clearly about labelling, quotes labelling section of pest control act, is actually about usage and therefore a provincial, not a federal, concern. In a related matter, probably 200,000 Canadians have been killed unnecessarily in health care since Fecteau and her colleagues unprofessionally interfered with this complaint.
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Fecteau D. CHRC Fecteau - Newspapers not covered by CHRC. Brown C, editor. Ottawa: CHRC; 1985.
Canadian Human Rights Commission staff, unlike then Chief Commissioner Max Yalden, were brushing away complaints by persons with sensitivities. Yalden's approach to reducing the abuse of persons with sensitivities went out the window once Falardeau-Ramsey became Chief Commissioner. Perhaps 200,000 Canadians have been killed unnecessarily since Diane Fecteau and her colleagues first turned their backs. The Ottawa Citizen continues to invisibilize work that Heath Canada did in the early 1990's concerning the preventable killing of persons with sensitivities in health care. This is hateful in that it encourages s.216 homicides.
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Fecteau D, Lafreniere CA. CHRC Fecteau and Lafreniere distract from labelling.; 1986.
Although my complaint was about pesticide labelling, a federal matter, CHRC staff dodged their responsibilities by claiming that the complaint was about pesticide usage, not labelling. It was one of many instances of blatant dishonesty on the part of public servants, in this case fronted by Diane Fecteau.
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