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Zimmerman B, Weber E. Candida and "20th Century Disease".. 1985.
Zimmerman criticizes the ideas and approaches of the cult of environmental medicine, but emphasizes that the sickness of patients is real. It would have been nice if he had put in a bit more history, instead of portraying so-called "clinical ecologists" as the only people who have dealt with patients with sensitivities over the centuries.
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Zimmerman B. Zimmerman trashes clinical ecology. Toronto: Hospital for Sick Children; 1985.
Allergist Barry Zimmerman decries the use of unproven methods, then recommends they be used on an experimental basis. He denigrates any association with candida. He accuses doctors of environmental medicine of practicing pseudoscience. He calls the problems "Total Allergy Syndrome" which was a term invented by doctors of environmental medicine.
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Zimmerman B, Shumak Z, McGuigan MA, Chalmers K, Deber R, Hoyt C, et al. REPORT OF THE ADVISORY PANEL ON ENVIRONMENTAL HYPERSENSITIVITY (Zimmerman). Toronto: Ministry of Health; 1986.
Zimmerman et al ignore the compendium of disorders that cause sensitivities, and focus on the theories of one group of physicians. They ignore preventable harm being caused to patients. They ignore an existing, publicly insured method of diagnosis. They encourage physicians to subject patients who relate their experience of repeatable, controllable circumstances to a reverse onus, contrary to the ethical guidelines of the Canadian Medical Association, to human rights laws, professionalism and human dignity. Zimmerman's focus on questionable ideas from one group of physicians helped Ministry officials disguise ongoing abuses that were and are causing unnecessary injuries and deaths in health care.
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