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Thomson G. Thomson et al comment on the debate. Toronto: Ministry of Health; 1985.
The authors comment on the "clearly untenable" nature of the position held by the Ontario Ministry of Health, i.e. the patients are emotionally ill. They also decried journalism that put forward polarized stories based on clearly untenable positions. They related the fact that meanwhile people are being caused preventable harm.
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Thomson G. Thomson lists CNS symptoms. Toronto: Ontario Ministry of Health; 1985.
Thomson's panel listed symptoms for every system of the body, mentioning that the central nervous system (CNS) was usually affected. These are the CNS symptoms.
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Thomson G. Thomson recommendations - 7 and 11. Toronto: Ontario Ministry of Health; 1985.
Thomson and his panel of physicians identified an existing (legally obligating) publicly insured means of diagnosis, and recommended avoidance as treatment.
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Bigenwald CA. MoH Bigenwald summarizes Zimmerman Report to ADM. Toronto; 1986.
Bigenwald ignores the reason the Thomson and Zimmerman committees had been formed, the fact that patients were being caused preventable harm because of policies that were based on premises Judge Thomson and the panel of physicians found "clearly untenable." There is a recommendation to send patients to the US for treatment, but nothing about protecting people with sensitivities within the Ontario health care system.
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