Marion Dewar suggests housing coop

TitleMarion Dewar suggests housing coop
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AuthorsDewar M

Mayor Dewar could not intervene in an individual case, but she recommended that persons with sensitivities start a housing coop. The first assisted (third sector) housing for persons with sensitivities was later built by Barrhaven United Church.

The late Marion Dewar's support is ironic considering the fact that just a few years later Ontario NDP health minister Evelyn Gigantes' staff will mislead Ontario residents about the fact that the Thomson report found an existing, legally obligating, publicly-insured method of diagnosis. From that point, Marion's son Paul Dewar, who worked in Gigantes constituency office, would be hiding his party's contribution to the killing of thousands of persons with undiagnosed sensitivities in health care.

Paul Dewar, who is outspoken on other social justice issues, has remained silent while an MP, as thousands of Canadians with undiagnosed sensitivities have been unnecessarily killed in health care. He has defended his position by telling everyone who will listen that the person confronting him and his colleagues about their betrayal of children and other vulnerable persons to their deaths is "insulting" them, and that it is "rude and abusive" to do so.

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Date Published12/1983
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