23 February 2007 - AGES is predicting that the Canadian Human Rights Commission will soon lie to Canadians about environmental sensitivities. Their deceit will temporarily exonerate the RCMP and Justice officials for ignoring a criminal cover-up under the Liberals that has contributed to thousands of Canadian deaths.

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario approached about abuse by public servants

20 October 2008 - Today, the Advocacy Gateway for Environmental Sensitivities (AGES) questioned the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) concerning Ontario public servants' contribution to the exclusion, injury and killing of persons disabled by environmental sensitivities. With few exceptions, Ontario public servants, including officials with agencies of remedy such as the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Office of the Ombudsman, have:

Human Rights Tribunal refuses to assure it is free from abusive attitudes

6 November 2008 - The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario refuses to assure that the same misconceptions and deceits of other public servants are not operative within HRTO.

Based on long experience with other abusive Ontario agencies, it seems silly to bring concerns about the exclusion, injury and killing of persons with sensitivities to the tribunal without such assurances.

Meanwhile, persons with sensitivities, especially undiagnosed sensitivities, are killed in health care, and excluded and injured there and elsewhere.

Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services called on criminal negligence contributing to deaths

Staff and management in the Accessibility Directorate have failed to familiarize themselves with the injury and killing of persons disabled by environmental sensitivities in health care, and their exclusion and injury elsewhere, even as public servants contribute to ongoing preventable harm. There is an apparently deliberate lack of corporate memory on this topic in MCSS.


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