Prevalence - Caress and Steinemann

“We examined the prevalence of multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), a hypersensitivity to common chemical substances. We used a randomly selected sample of 1582 respondents from the Atlanta, Ga, standard metropolitan statistical area. We found that 12.6% of our sample reported the hypersensitivity and that, while the hypersensitivity is more common in women, it is experienced by both men and women of a variety of ages and educational levels.

Literature Review - Eugene Garfield

In 1985, Eugene Garfield, PhD, President & Founding Editor of The Scientist provided an excellent overview of medical literature about sensitivities. Garfield documents several approaches, as described in scientific and medical literature before the discussion was subsumed under debate about the approaches of doctors of environmental medicine.


The Advocacy Gateway for Environmental Sensitivities was created to document a long history and the contribution of various parties to the exclusion, injury and unnecessary killing of Canadians with sensitivities. Concerns long known to medicine—some involving legal liability—are being obscured behind a legitimate but separate debate about whether the modern environment is making people sick. Even as the latter concerns are addressed, the former are invisibilized.


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