human rights

Fear of Liability

"An important point is the fear of liability (at the legal and moral level) which perpetrates attitudes and actions. The protective psychological mechanism that comes into action when one knows deeply other people have been harmed, because of their negligence, or because they have been hiding behind the presumed lack of science, because they have minimized, belittled the issues, this mechanism which hides behind denial, camouflage, or aggression needs to be uncovered. Consequences need to be brought to the conscious level, for healing to take place, and prevention to take its role.


The Advocacy Gateway for Environmental Sensitivities was created to document a long history and the contribution of various parties to the exclusion, injury and unnecessary killing of Canadians with sensitivities. Concerns long known to medicine—some involving legal liability—are being obscured behind a legitimate but separate debate about whether the modern environment is making people sick. Even as the latter concerns are addressed, the former are invisibilized.


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