lesson learned

Politicians Betray

Some politicians will quite casually lie in ways that cause thousands of deaths. Most will turn a blind eye to damaging statements from their party if doing otherwise means acknowledging previous liability. When told of harm caused by their colleagues, politicians such as Paul Dewar launch into an ad hominem defence, diverting attention while vulnerable persons continue to be needlessly killed.

We have Seen the Enemy and They are Us!

When human beings gather in groups such as the Environmental Health Associations in various provinces, they adopt ideas that violate people within and outside the group. Such violations are nearly always disguised as statements of concern that invisibilize the people who are being violated. The most seriously affected are betrayed by people with disposable time and income. The dead are betrayed by the living. By subjecting themselves to a reverse onus, by eclipsing their own history, the "cult of environmental medicine" does the same to all persons with sensitivities.

With Friends Like CSEM, Who Needs Enemies?

For every 100 professionals who offer to help, 98 will want to use you as needs substantiation for flaky theories, dangerous clinical practices or the unethical sale of treatments and medicine. The Canadian Society for Environmental Medicine has replaced the actual history with a self-aggrandizing revisionist version that invisibilizes patients' right to protection.


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