23 February 2007 - AGES is predicting that the Canadian Human Rights Commission will soon lie to Canadians about environmental sensitivities. Their deceit will temporarily exonerate the RCMP and Justice officials for ignoring a criminal cover-up under the Liberals that has contributed to thousands of Canadian deaths.

Human rights officials will accomplish their deceit by abusing the credibility and expertise of two of the most dedicated researchers in Canada. Neither of the researchers know the history of federal government actions on the topic or even the general history of sensitivities.

Instead of a physician, historian, educator or ethicist, the CHRC has chosen a chemist to put forward the "medical" point of view, a mother who is driven by the fact that her son died from pesticide exposure. AGES further predicts that issues around modern chemicals will unethically eclipse legally-obligating information consequent to hundreds of years of science and thousands of years of consumer and clinical experience. AGES predicts that this chemist has ignored the Code of Ethics of the Canadian Medical Association, including provisions relating to human rights.

Eclipsing the reality of sensitivities by imposing the “MCS model,” the CHRC's statements will cover up the fact that thousands of people who were to have been protected by measures being encouraged under the Mulroney government have been unnecessarily injured or killed instead. Public officials, including cabinet officials, ministers, and managers at the CHRC who erred and who misrepresented under Jean Chretien's (and Bob Rae's) governments will be cleared, despite the fact that the victims are all vulnerable Canadians, despite knowledge of the means and legal obligation not to harm them prior to 1993.

CHRC officials will distance themselves from the deceit by forwarding reports that tell only half the story, appearing to be supportive, coming from people with reputations for caring, but trashing, by omission, by adopting the abusers mindset, the dignity of people who have been killed, disabled, or who have been ploughed under and suicided, trashing the rights of people not yet injured, covering up officials' negligence and deceit, trashing the humanity of the consultants, of the Commission, of all Canadians.

The history of persons with environmental sensitivities, including twenty-five-hundred years of clinical and three-hundred years of scientific literature, including the history with the Government of Canada, including publicly insured methods of diagnosis that predate controversy about so-called “twentieth century disease,” will be hidden behind controversies put forward by people who are so injured by more recent incitants and toxins that they are blind to the longer history, or capriciously eclipse it.

Supporters of "doctors of environmental medicine” are so focused that they cannot understand what they themselves are doing to their victims, how undignified is their conduct, how massively wrong their actions, paving their way forward over the graves of people they are getting killed, as was done by proponents of the "allergy model" before them.

The CHRC will abuse consumers' terror to win support for an approach that covers up negligence and dishonesty in several federal and provincial agencies. The Commission will hide hundreds of years of history, legally-obligating means of protection, by dishonestly applying the "MCS model" which, when miss-applied, perverts the reality of environmental sensitivities in a way reminiscent of historical revisionism, or hate literature.

Chris Brown
Executive Director